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Universal Design Guide Playbook

What is DTU Skylab?

DTU Skylab is DTU’s living lab for innovation and entrepreneurship. We match state-of-the-art technology and science with an ambitious open community, where students, researchers and corporate partners meet to exchange knowledge and develop visionary solutions for real-world challenges.

At DTU Skylab, the convergence of technologies and talent from different fields, combined with an entrepreneurial mindset, creates a unique culture of innovation and learning for everyone involved in our community.

DTU Skylab – This place is yours.

The website developed as part of the partnership Technology Leaving No One Behind and made possible through support from the Bevica foundation.

Developed by

Dagny Valgeirsdottir, assistant professor at DTU Skylab

Astrid Kofod Trudslev, design engineer

Maria Væver Olsen, design engineer

For the Technology Leaving No One Behind initiative, made possible by the Bevica foundation.

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