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RISC-V SBC VisionFive 2 Officially Shipped

Recently, StarFive Technology has completed production and testing of the first batch of VisionFive 2 SBCs, which has started shipment and will be delivered to customers in succession. 

VisionFive 2 is a high-performance, low-cost RISC-V SBC with an integrated 3D GPU. Equipped with the JH7110 multimedia processor, VisionFive 2 features superior computing and graphic processing capabilities. It not only provides with rich interfaces such as audio and video interfaces (DVP, MIPI, HDMI and stereo audio output interface), 2 Ethernet ports, and 40-pin GPIO header which is compatible with most peripherals general for mainstream development boards, but also offers ports for PCIe, USB, and SDIO devices.

Since its release, VisionFive 2 has caused extensive attention in the industry. In the month-long crowdfunding campaign, VisionFive 2 gained more than 2,000 backers and its sales target has achieved more than 500% completion. Then, StarFive jointly set up pre-sale channels around the world with its agents in the following website: , helping RISC-V developers and enthusiasts around the world to purchase this high-performance SBC at a lower price.

During the shipping period, StarFive will publish VisionFive 2 Debian OS and its’ operating guides in the RVspace Documentation Center ( RVspace ( is an open RISC-V community, which integrates the functions of document sharing, technical discussion, and code acquisition, etc. Users can discuss the technical problems about VisionFive 2 on this Website.

VisionFive 2 has filled the void for RISC-V high-performance board to help accelerate the innovations of the global RISC-V industry. The SBC will promote the development and prosperity of the open-source software ecosystem, and drive the realization of the most innovative RISC-V applications.

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