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Nigeria: Amid High Cost Concern, Ana Spearheads Advocacy for Hajj 2024 Accessibility

A concerted effort led by Sen. Ahmad Abubakar MoAllahyidi under the Arewa New Agenda (ANA) banner has launched a far-reaching advocacy campaign aimed at enhancing access to Hajj 2024 for Nigerian Muslims. This initiative highlights critical issues surrounding the cost and accessibility of the sacred pilgrimage, advocating for measures to ease financial burdens faced by intending pilgrims.

ANA’s effort according the group’s leadership, was fully endorsed and supported by the leadership of National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), from concept to finish.

The ANA’s campaign was marked by strategic engagements across key regions–North West, North East, North Central, and FCT–bringing together religious leaders, stakeholders, and state pilgrims’ boards to address pressing concerns ahead of the looming December 31st payment deadline for Hajj 2024.

ANA’s advocacy encompassed multifaceted challenges impacting the affordability of Hajj, including accommodation near Haram, feeding schemes, royalties, airfares, and service charges, all contributing to the overall high cost incurred by intending pilgrims.

Stakeholders voiced concerns during the engagements, notably about fraudulent activities targeting pilgrims, delayed information dissemination, and inadequate awareness within rural communities regarding the new regulations and payment deadlines for the 2024 Hajj.

Regional observations revealed promising trends in some states meeting their Hajj quotas, while others faced challenges due to pending court decisions and delayed commitments. The need for deadline extensions and subsidies emerged as key recommendations to make Hajj more accessible.

The North Central region particularly highlighted a lack of comprehensive information and suggested intensive educational campaigns to bridge the awareness gap among intending pilgrims and rural communities.

Stakeholders advocated for intensified enlightenment drives, closer collaboration with financial institutions to alleviate payment hurdles, and a call for governments to subsidize Hajj fares, addressing concerns about fraud, improved management, and early savings schemes.

Encouragingly, government officials in various states, including Kano, Kebbi, FCT, Zamfara, Kwara, and Nasarawa, expressed confidence in their governments’ interventions to ensure a successful Hajj 2024, affirming their commitment to addressing affordability challenges.

Sen. MoAllahyidi conveyed gratitude for the support extended by the National Hajj Commission and various state pilgrims’ boards, acknowledging their collaborative efforts to advance the cause of making Hajj 2024 more accessible for Nigerian Muslims.



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