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Snowcraft – Building a Lego Snowfort from giant Lego snow-bricks

As the winter world outside our window dresses itself in a cloak of snow, varying from the lightest flakes to the most tenacious of drifts, we embrace the playful side of this frosty season. On days when the snow is just right, when it holds together like the perfect snowball, we step outside, not for a snowman or a snow cave, but for something a little more… constructive.

With giant LEGO-shaped storage bin lids in hand, we’ve found a way to bring a touch of the beloved digital world of Minecraft into our very real backyard. The concept is simple: we press the lid into the snow, compacting it firmly to create a block of winter wonder. Then, with a gentle lift, we reveal a perfect 2×2 LEGO brick made entirely of snow. It’s a matter of getting the angle just right, pressing consistently, and soon enough, we have a pile of snowy bricks ready for assembly.

We leave the building to the kids, watching as their imaginations take over. With each snow brick, they construct their own versions of a Minecraft realm, creating everything from a glowing snowlamp to a robust igloo fortress. They meticulously carve out their territory, erecting walls and fashioning a seating area where they can rule over their wintry kingdom.

As dusk settles and the chill of the night creeps in, we place a lamp inside their igloo. The soft light filters through the snow, casting a warm glow that transforms their creation into a beacon of childhood ingenuity. From the comfort of their rooms, they gaze out at the illuminated snowlamp or fortress, a visual lullaby before they drift into dreams.

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