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Show HN: Better Seater: Wedding Seating Chart Optimizer

Is anyone having a big wedding reception/event with assigned seating soon? Or know anyone who will?

I've been working on a tool to optimize seating charts for assigned seat events, such as weddings. I'm hoping this site will save people enough time and stress, to charge for the service for larger events.

At the moment, there's no login required, and the service saves no data.

    * Save time, rearranging people automatically
    * Help with politics of large gatherings
    * Try moving people and quickly seeing how everything shakes out

  Currently, it will try to optimize for:
    * Keeping groups together as much as possible
    * Use fewer total tables
    * Keep people either together or apart, as indicated

  Current Capabilities:
    * Import guest list/table capacity information from Excel file (there's a template)
      * Generate fake guest list to play around
    * Dragging people to different tables and reoptimize
    * Selecting sets of people who you want to keep together or apart
    * Locking people to certain tables
    * Edit history

  On roadmap:
    * Prioritizing people to seat at "better tables" (VIPs, close family, etc)
    * Rearranging tables visually

What do you all think? Is this valuable? How's the UX?

I haven't come up with a great name for it yet, so naming it “Better Seater” for now.

All feedback and suggestions welcome and appreciated! Let me know what would be useful for you!
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