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CCC Invites to the 37th Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg

After a three-year break, the Chaos Computer Club will host its 37th Chaos Communication Congress (37C3) from 27 December to 30 December 2023. We invite you to the CCH in Hamburg for Germany’s most traditional IT security and technical competence conference, the largest European gathering of the hacker scene.

After the success of this year’s Chaos Communication Camp, the hackers have a desire and need for more exchange, topics, workshops and more party. The digital world is once again in a state of upheaval: even more mercenary hacks, even more state Trojans dragged before the Federal Constitutional Court, even more AI hyper-hyper along with wonky ideas like chatcontrol, and even more politicians who only make decisions according to lobby promises. The only thing that helps against this is to inform oneself, get positive impulses for a digital future worth living in and learn what is possible with universal computers.

This is what we want to offer you at 37C3 and all interested people can participate. We call on you to participate in large numbers as volunteers (so-called chaos angels). As always, the talks will be streamed live and then offered on media.ccc.de. We also plan to translate the lectures again into several languages.

As in all Camp years, we’ve had less time to plan and organise. Therefore, ticket sales will start later and be shorter than usual, both via vouchers and in open pre-sales. More details will be published on our event blog soon.

After being guests to the Leipziger Messe for three years while the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH) was being reconstructed, we are delighted to be returning to the familiar but modernly redesigned building this year. The space available to us there is barely a fifth of what the CCC occupied in the Congress Center Leipzig, but the paths are much shorter and vertical and there’s much less volume in need of heating. Thanks to the location in Hamburg, visitors can make use of the abundant infrastructure of accommodation and catering.

Nevertheless, there will be slightly fewer participants at this year’s Congress than in the times before Corona. The lecture programme will also be presented on fewer stages. The Call for Participation will start soon, and you will find more information on the event blog.

The 37C3 is guaranteed to take place unless prohibited by the authorities. All official infection control regulations will of course be implemented. The CCC asks all participants to consider their own awareness of the health risks of large events before purchasing a ticket. Participants with cold symptoms are requested not to attend the event.

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