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Show HN: Scan QR codes to check-in guests registered via Google Forms™

This addon generates a QR code for each entry (attendee, item, location, etc.), and helps you scan the codes later to record attendance or use.

=== What matters in attendance tracking? ===

People start showing up at your event:

→ You need to check registration, and record reliable attendance data.
→ You want it done quickly and securely, with minimal friction.

=== What is everyone else doing? ===

Asking your guests to scan a QR code to check-in is not cool:

→ Guests will struggle to scan from afar, or slowly in a line.
→ Some will have internet issues.
→ The data you get will be unreliable.

=== What do I actually need? ===

→ You need to take control of check-ins, making it secure, fast, and reliable.
→ You need to send individual, unguessable QR code tickets to guests, and scan them at the event.

=== What is this addon? ===

This addon generates a unique access card for each guest in your spreadsheet, with an unguessable QR code, as a PDF.

It gives you access to a mobile (smartphone) scanner that can be used to record check-in data.

=== What makes this addon special? ===

It includes a QR code generator that provides unique, unguessable access cards for you. At the event:

→ Scanning QR codes in batch is fast and reliable, and works offline.
→ You hear a nice "bip" after each scan. Just like at the supermarket.

After the event, export your data (attendees not yet checked in, already checked in, etc.) to Excel for further analysis.

In advanced mode, add your whole staff (and get reports by staff), customize the access card, add custom fields and define validation rules, give restricted data access to third parties, add alerts, etc.

=== Who can use this and when? ===

Some example use cases:

→ Your institution or company is hosting a conference (with multiple sessions, etc.), fair, meetup, gala, concert, etc. You need to check the ticket / pass / access card.
→ You received RSVPs for your marriage, birthday party, etc. and need to send stylish venue access codes.
→ You are running auditions or job / internship interviews, and need to record HR evaluations.
→ You are a teacher and need to record class / lab attendees, and filter the data by day, subject, etc.
→ You are a factory floor manager and need to record inspections or tool check-in / check-out.
→ You need to record clock-in / clock-out times for employees, and generate reports per day, employee, etc.
→ You want to give vouchers, coupons, promotions, etc. that can be redeemed only once in the shop.
→ The sky's the limit, contact us with your unique use case!

=== Why should I believe you? ===

This extension is based on the Trak platform, which powers demanding data collection efforts for national post offices (parcel tracking) and major banks (asset tracking).

=== How much does it cost? ===

You can try it for free, as long as you have less than 20 guests (300 guests free until February 1st, 2024).
This is a soft limit.
We'll reach out if you go past it, and suggest a package based on your use case.

=== But, but, but... ===

No, you don't need to install any app on your smartphone (though you can, for easier access).

Yes, we support check-in type (single, multiple, in-out, sessions) selection from the add-on, but there is even more customization possible.

Yes, you can reach out for advice, and we'll provide a free 10mn support (contact inside the addon).

=== What now? ===

Install the addon, then open your sheet and go to the "Extensions" menu to start using it.

→ Complete documentation:
“QR Code Access Card” Google Sheets™ Addon
→ Need to automatically send the QR code access card to guests from Google Forms™? Check this: https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/qr_code_pass_per_response/1028329904752 → Advanced smartphone based QR code / barcode tracking platform: https://admin.trak.codes → Company website: https://darkaa.com --- Google Sheets™ and Google Forms™ are trademarks of Google LLC.

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