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Ethiopia: Ethiopia Finalizes Preparations to Welcome, Host Second Generation Ethiopians

Addis Ababa — Ministry of Tourism announced today that Ethiopia has finalized preparations to warmly welcome second-generation Ethiopians invited by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to come to their homeland.

Recall that PM Abiy called on second-generation Ethiopians to reconnect with their ancestral root and contribute to the nation’s vibrant growth this weekend.

Following the call, Ministry of Tourism has established a committee that welcomes the second-generation.

Briefing the media, Tourism Minister Nasise Challi said the call by the premier is crucial to mend the gap between generations of Ethiopians and collectively contribute to their country of origin.

Generations may come and go, but our beloved Ethiopia remains an everlasting beacon. So it is our duty to pass the baton, not just to those within the borders, but also to our kin scattered across the globe, she noted.

The call has taken into consideration seasonal breaks and holidays to create favorable conditions and encourage the second generation Ethiopians to come to their homeland.

To realize the premier’s call, the ministry has formed a grand committee and divided the Second Generation Ethiopians Homecoming into three phases with a series of different events scheduled to be overseen by sub-committees.

Each phase promises a unique tapestry of events designed to foster meaningful connections and celebrate shared heritage, Nasise elaborated.

Accordingly, the first phase dubbed “Connect to Your Multi-Cultural Roots” will last from December 30, 2023 to January 29, 2024 with various events, including Ethiopia Week, Ethiopian Voices, visits, conferences and public lectures.

The second phase designated “Connect to Your Historical Origin” will last from February 28, 2024 up to April 8, 2024 and will include events related to the Victory of Adwa.

The third phase, “Leave Your Legacy and Save Your Holiday”, will last from June 17, 2024 to September 30, 2024 and will include volunteer legacy events.

“To make this successful, there are different committees that are established. The main committee is led by Ministry of Tourism,” she pointed out, adding that different institutions from federal, regional, and city administrations are part of the main committee.

According to the minister, there are also sub-committees that would help to make the second generation stay memorable and successful.

Nasise stated that this initiative marks a pivotal step in bridging the generational gap and fostering a collective spirit of growth in keeping with the country’s unwavering commitment to welcoming its global diaspora.




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