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Wikihouse: Open-Source Houses

Build with blocks

Precision manufactured

WikiHouse components are digitally fabricated to millimetre precision, so they fit together perfectly to create a straight, accurate building. This makes everything a lot easier later.


A typical wall block weighs just 39kg, making it easy to handle and install.


Interlocked plywood is incredibly strong. A single wall block can support the weight of three elephants. Although we don’t recommend you try this, because the elephants don’t like it.


Spruce plywood has a certified life of 60 years, but if it is kept dry it will last for hundreds of years.

Highly insulated

The blocks have a U value of 0.14 W/m²K, so your building will be ultra-low energy by default.

Carbon negative

As well as creating fewer emissions in production than other materials, wood actually captures and stores carbon from the atmosphere while it is in use.


WikiHouse Skylark blocks are compatible with almost any type of foundations or cladding, and includes zones for ducts, pipes and wires.

Easy to assemble

A small team can assemble a chassis in hours, without needing traditional construction skills.


WikiHouse Skylark buildings can be disassembled instead of demolished, and blocks re–used or recycled at the end of their life.

Render of WikiHouse Skylark wall block Render of WikiHouse Skylark wall block

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