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Swedish union declares strike for Tesla employees

The main reason for IF Metall to take industrial action at Tesla is to ensure that our members have decent and safe working conditions. Over a long period of time, we have attempted to discuss with Tesla the signing of a collective agreement, yet without success. Now we see no solution other than to take industrial action.

The Swedish labour market model

Collective agreements are the basis of the Swedish labour market model. This means that the trade unions and the employers’ organizations determine the rules of the game in the labour market, without interference from the state and politicians. In Sweden, approximately nine out of ten workers are covered by collective agreements.

The terms of the collective agreement include wages, form of employment, occupational pension, working hours, vacations, and periods of notice. Thus, the employers benefit from industry-specific, long-term, and stable ground rules.

The collective agreements are negotiated on a sector-by-sector basis, and employees are guaranteed the wages and working conditions that are standard across the sector. This allows for companies to operate on a level playing field, while avoiding the risk of any one employer distorting competition in the sector by imposing poor conditions on their employees.

Very few labour market conflicts in Sweden

Once a collective agreement is signed, both employers and employees have the obligation to keep the peace. This applies throughout the term of the agreement and ensures that no one can strike to obtain better conditions than those set out in the agreement.

As a result, the collective agreement ensures a Swedish labour market with very few industrial actions, conflicts or strikes. It is grounded on a long-standing Swedish tradition of over 100 years of negotiations between the labour market parties. The collective agreement creates a situation of clarity and order for both employees and employers, while avoiding conflicts.

We strive for a swift solution

IF Metall signs approximately 200 local collective agreements a year in the industry sector.  Very rarely do we end up in conflict. At the most part, we have one conflict a year, usually ending in a signed agreement.

IF Metall of course want our members at Tesla to have the same decent and safe working conditions as the members at other similar companies in Sweden.

Even though we have called for industrial action, it is our sincere hope that Tesla will finally start negotiating and sign a collective agreement for their plants in Sweden.

Tesla is a global leader in the green transition. We hope that they will be willing to express the same level of leadership regarding working conditions for their employees and our members. We strive for and look forward to a swift solution.

Fact: IF Metall, Industrial metalworkers in Sweden, is the trade union organizing 300 000 members within the manufacturing and chemical industries, in mining, and in the automotive industry.

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