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My daily driver is older than I thought; it’s positively vintage

I was doing some clean up on my main laptop and realized it had been a while since bought a new computer. Turns out it was a lot older than I thought:

Apple considers this machine to be vintage but I don’t have any compelling reason to upgrade it. Apple still supports it in macOS (although I can’t upgrade beyond macOS Ventura), all the hardware works, and I haven’t run out of disk space (although I did have to offload all the the work on Behind The Screens to an external drive because of their size).

But there is one thing I hate about it: the bloody Touch Bar and it’s phony ESC key. I thought I’d get used to the Touch Bar but it turns out I didn’t. 

This is the longest I’ve ever owned a laptop without upgrading and I think that comes down to a few things. Firstly, I spend most of my time on this machine either in a web browser, or using a terminal to SSH to somewhere else. Secondly, the most powerful program I tend to use on it is Final Cut Pro but my videos tend to me short and not particularly complicated to output.

So, a combination of Apple’s hardware and software holding up and a lot of my computing needs being offloaded to the cloud means this old machine is banging along nicely.

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