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Rust and Htmx: Making a Slack/campfire clone

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A simple slack alternative in the works made in the TAMASHA stack.

Build and run


  • tailwindcss
  • cargo
  • sqlx-cli
  • just

Initialize Database (First time)

Run dev

All data is stored in the data folder.


Run cargo build to build the project and then execute the chat binary that gets generated.


  1. Public and private chat rooms
  2. User to user private chats with an option to have multiple users per private chat.
  3. user management – new users use the registration link, but are not activated unless the admin allows them.
  4. Tiny things – like user profile images etc.


  1. File uploads through chat.
  2. Emojis in messages, and generally richer text messages with code blocks and user and channel tagging in the messages.
  3. Automatic backups to storage providers.
  4. User online indicators and unread message counts.
  5. Notifications!
  6. Archiving channels
  7. Automatic SSL
  8. Cross workspace connections (a la slack connections)
  9. Ui/ux overhaul? maybe. Live with programmer art for now.

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