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GALA3D: Towards Text-to-3D Complex Scene Generation

A bedroom with a bed, two wooden nightstands, a square wooden table with a table lamp on it, and a wooden wardrobe

A cat lies on a plank of wood suspended from two balloons

Chess is on the table next to two stones

A Victorian style wooden chair on an oak floor with a Ficus in a pot next to it

A puppy lying on the iron plate on the top of Great Pyramid

A table with a hamburger, a bread, an order of fries, and a cup of Coke

A table with a roasted turkey, a salad, a loaf of French bread, a glass of orange juice and an empty plate

A camping scene with a tent on the grassland and two benches next to a campfire

A kitchen with a kitchen stove, a range hood, a refrigerator, a tile floor, and a microwave on the table

A living room has a coffee table with a basket on it, a wooden floor, a TV on a TV stand, and a sofa with an astronaut sitting on it

A table with models of teddy bears, marlin (clown fish), Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Stitch, Snoopy, Donald Duck, Santa Claus, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Patrick Star in the shape of a heart

An octopus playing the piano

Panda in a wizard hat sitting on a Victorian-style wooden chair and looking at a Ficus in a pot

An amusement park swing, a seesaw, a street lamp on the grass

A rabbit eating birthday cake at the dining table

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