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OpenFPGA. The future of video game preservation

In 1962, the first digital video game, Spacewar! debuted on an early computer released in 1959 called the PDP-1 at MIT.

The beginning of video games.

Spacewar! set forth and established the fundamental characteristics and philosophical approaches that would define and serve as the earliest guidelines of what a video game is.

Inspired by science fiction literature and cinema. Driven by creatively pushing technology to its limits.

A new medium and art form was born.

SpaceWar! was released on a computer produced in 1959 called the PDP-1. Spacewar! is arguably the first digital video game ever created. PDP-1 has been painstakingly recreated with the public domain open source code for openFPGA by a 3rd party developer. So it can be preserved, studied and played forever without compromises.

PDP History

Find out more on the history of the PDP-1 and the creation of Spacewar!

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