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Ethiopia: Wonchi-Dendi Project Model for Africa’s Eco-Tourism

The Wonchi-Dendi Eco-Tourism Village and Lodge Project could be regarded as an example in Africa by demonstrating and integrating the environment, culture and people’s lifestyle, a noted scholar said.

While attending the project’s the inauguration ceremony, Prof. Alemayehu Gebremariamstated that the meticulous infrastructural addition in the natural splendor makes it Africa’s model for ecotourism development. The scholar has served as a professor at California State University for many years.

“I was very impressed by the lake’s location and its wonderful natural beauty. Diasporas who have been far away from here could learn about their home country’s natural blessings and promote it in areas of their living. I understand how immense natural beauty Ethiopia has been endowed by just witnessing this breathtaking project.”

The professor, who mentioned his visit to CheberaChurchura National Park, Gorgora and other projects, emphasized the need to make extensive promotional activities to introduce such places to the outside world.

The deep greenery and the spectacular location of the lodge is really fascinating and its proximity to Addis Ababa and the convenience of the road make it possible for people to come and visit, enjoy and learn about the local culture.

Mentioning his acquaint of the local community’s culture in his visit to the lodge, Alemayehu highlighted that the eco-tourism project is a dependable source of income and displays Ethiopia’s beauty to the rest of the world.

“There are some interest groups who are campaigning to tarnish Ethiopia’s image and harm its economy in a coordinated manner and it is crucial to repulse these ill-attempts by introducing such places to the international community.

According to him, the Wanchi-Dandi Project has demonstrated Ethiopia’s success in eco-tourism and would play a significant role in expediting the tourism industry and supplementing the national economy. “Also, this ecotourism project would revitalize business in the area and ensure the benefit of the local community.”

Noting the coming of the second-generation Ethiopian Diasporas to home country, the academician has pleaded them to understand about the beauty and natural resources of the country by visiting such places.

Women and Social Affairs Minister ErgogeTesfaye (PhD), who was also attended the inauguration, said that the project’s execution has created a great opportunity and lesson in a way that focuses on the local community.

Ergoge further stated that the government has designed various programs to achieve the goal of sustainable development and determined to all development works should be people-centered. “The Wanchi-Dandi Eco-Tourism Village and Lodge Project is an example of the government’s dedication for people-centered development by embracing the local community.”

She added, “The project has created an opportunity for the local community to live a better and modern life without being displaced and to participate in different economic activities including tour guide and others.”

The realization of the project has made the hidden tourist attraction of the naturally beautiful area known, and also created a wide opportunity for the community to connect with other areas and benefit more from the built infrastructure, the minister emphasized.

It is to be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD), accompanied by senior government officials and members of the Addis-based diplomatic community inaugurated the project, which is part of the Dine for Ethiopia’s Imitative, last Saturday.



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