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Show HN: I made an app that consolidated 18 apps (doc, sheet, form, site, chat…)

Nino is a radical approach to solve the app chaos problem for today's knowledge worker. I believe there are still too many tools; even using them becomes work in itself. I'm building all these apps from scratch in one place, using the same database and UI, with the flexibility to eventually support the majority of work from one “superapp.”

Currently there are 18 apps (called “modules”) on Nino:

– Database types: Sheet, Form, Calendar, Gallery, Board, Todo, List

– Composition types: Doc, Slide, Drive, Notebook, Canvas, Grid, Blog, Site

– Communication types: Channel, Chat, Meet

I want to improve these modules and build more. Your feedback is important!

FAQ: How is it different from Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or startups like Notion and Clickup?

A: I think Nino has a better foundation to (1) consolidate a lot more apps than they currently do, (2) drastically improve speed with offline architecture, and (3) offer unmatched privacy and security with end-to-end encryption (coming soon)

Let me expand on these points:

1. Consolidation

In Nino, pages and blocks are interoperable with each other. Google and Microsoft still have mostly isolated apps. Nino is one (super)app that supports 18 modules, saving you time from switching and integrating between different providers.

2. Offline mode

This is actually more complex than it seems, but I ultimately decided it's worth it, not only for people who need to work without internet, but also for everyone else who want instant page load. Everything is saved locally by default.

3. End-to-end encryption (E2EE)

This is just a preview and not open to public yet, but is something I have been building alongside since day 1. In fact, it's likely not architecturally possible for existing products to add later on. Nino is built to offer both E2EE and cloud features (backup, search, collaboration).

One more thing: pages on Nino are also publishable! There are blog and site modules, but you can also publish other modules (i.e. sheet, board, canvas, etc.) on your custom domain or on a free nino.page subdomain.

Give it a try and let me know how it can improve. I want to hear from you.
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