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Angola: Tourism Promotion Plan Approved

Luanda — The Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday approved the National Plan for the Promotion of Tourism (PLANATUR), which aims to ensure large-scale direct investment to facilitate the access of tourists to Angola and their mobility internally.

According to the Press Release of the 8th Ordinary Session of the Economic Commission, a consultative body of the President of the Republic, the Development Plan aims to develop public service infrastructures necessary for tourism.

The plan will ensure the training and qualification of staff for the provision of services and improve the legal and regulatory framework, aiming to promote tourism in the country, reads the press release of the meeting, chaired by the Head of the Executive Power, João Lourenço.

At the end of the session, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Filipe Zau, told the press that the plan is valued at more than 276 billion kwanzas, divided into projects of the Public Investment Program (PIP), tourism support expenses and public credit.

He added that it includes multisectoral actions, which includes infrastructure (water, energy, sanitation, security, communications, secondary and tertiary roads, health, central purchasing and training of people).

For the minister, tourism is a natural resource that never ends, because it promotes employability and revenues for the country.

He declared that there is an attempt to rethink the brand of tourism in Angola, which only began with peace and political stability, because in colonial times a letter of call was needed to enter the country and then the proclamation of National Independence triggered the war.

Filipe Zau spoke of the need for continuous improvement of the business environment, indicating the initial provinces and exploring tourist hubs such as Calandula, Cabo Ledo, Okavango and Namibe.

He also said that it was essential to improve places of visits, such as museums, as well as the relationship with cultural heritage, such as that of Mbanza Congo.

He also said it was also necessary to contribute to the development of tourist routes.

“We have to think systemically about the various components that contribute to making tourism naturally part of cultural diversity,” he said.

He also spoke of the need for professional cards for tour operators, as well as the approval of the Patronage Law, so that the private sector is interested.

Among the achievements, the minister pointed out the creation of the cultural centers of Huambo and Luanda, the Palace of Music and Theater and the Artist’s House, for social support to the class.

Also in this area, it promises the recovery of concert halls of public heritage interest and transfer to private management for the promotion of culture and tourism, as well as installing equipment at the Miradouro da Lua to attract tourists.

The minister suggested the promotion of domestic tourism so that citizens get to know the country more and better.

He announced for January 17, next year, the first Okavango forum, which covers part of Moxico, Huambo, Bié and Cuando Cubango, where it is intended to take tourists to develop ecotourism.

He also confirmed that the country will receive the 8,000 elephants from Botswana. JFS/SC/ADR/DOJ



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