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Ask HN: My mother is slowly looking her eyesight, how to prepare?

Note: this is different from a few previous Ask HN posts where the impacted person was technically apt (if not a geek). Here this is for a typical older person whose technical capacities are small.

My mother has a degenerative illness that is slowly going to lower here eyesight (starting from the center of the retina). We are not sure how far this is going to go.

She is an avid reader (several books every month) and this is what I would like to address in the first place. Then there are the other aspects that are less technical but are very much welcome as well.

She reads on a Kobo (or similar device) and the fact that she can make the fonts bigger is already a good thing. She will probably continue to do so (hopefully to get to the point where she will have to spell each word…).

She also solves quite a lot of “literature oriented” quizzes (similar to crosswords) – today this is on paper but I will need to find a way for her to move online.

I would appreciate any tricks or solutions for non-technical people like her that could make her life easier.



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