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Universal Speech Model

We thank all the co-authors for contributing to the project and paper including
Andrew Rosenberg, Ankur Bapna, Bhuvana Ramabhadran, Bo Li, Chung-Cheng Chiu, Daniel Park,
Françoise Beaufays, Gary Wang, Ginger Perng, James Qin, Jason Riesa, Johan Schalkwyk,
Ke Hu, Nanxin Chen, Parisa Haghani, Pedro Moreno Mengibar, Rohit Prabhavalkar, Tara Sainath,
Trevor Strohman, Vera Axelrod, Wei Han, Yonghui Wu, Yongqiang Wang, Yu Zhang,
Zhehuai Chen, and Zhong Meng.

We also thank Alexis Conneau, Min Ma, Shikhar Bharadwaj, Sid Dalmia, Jiahui Yu,
Jian Cheng, Paul Rubenstein, Ye Jia, Justin Snyder, Vincent Tsang, Yuanzhong Xu,
Tao Wang for useful discussions.

We appreciate valuable feedback and support from Eli Collins, Jeff Dean, Sissie Hsiao,
Zoubin Ghahramani. Special thanks to Austin Tarango, Lara Tumeh, Amna Latif, and Jason Porta
for their guidance around responsible AI practices. We thank Elizabeth Adkison,
James Cokerille for help with naming the model, Abhishek Bapna for editorial support, and Erica Moreira for resource management.
We also thank Anusha Ramesh for feedback, guidance, and assisting with the publication
strategy, and Calum Barnes and Salem Haykal for their valuable partnership.

We thank the Parti Team for developing the template for this site.

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