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Common Mac OS X Cursors

If you’re ever creating user interface mockups for desktop apps or web apps, you’ve likely been looking for mouse cursors to demonstrate different ways of interacting with your design. I have, at least, but have had a hard time finding pixel perfect PNGs.

I dug around in OS X’s System Library and managed to find the vectors used for rendering the most common cursors (including for pointing, drag and dropping, resizing, etc.), and exported them all as PNGs. If you can’t find the cursor you’re looking for in the table below, I’ve prepared a zip with all cursors.

  • Default

    Default @2x

    Default @4x

  • Option

    Option @2x

    Option @4x

  • Pointer

    Pointer @2x

    Pointer @4x

  • Drag

    Drag @2x

    Drag @4x

  • Type

    Type @2x

    Type @4x

  • Screenshot

    Screenshot @2x

    Screenshot @4x

  • Zoom in

    Zoom in @2x

    Zoom in @4x

  • Zoomn out

    Zoomn out @2x

    Zoomn out @4x

Download all OS X cursors (PSD)

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