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Show HN: Drop-in SQS replacement based on SQLite

SmoothMQ is a drop-in replacement for SQS with a much smoother developer experience.
It has a functional UI, observability, tracing, message scheduling, and rate-limiting.
SmoothMQ lets you run a private SQS instance on any cloud.

SmoothMQ deploys as a single go binary and can be used by any existing SQS client.

This will run a UI on :3000 and an SQS-compatible server on :3001.

This works with any SQS client in any language.

import boto3

# Simply change the endpoint_url
sqs = boto3.client("sqs", ..., endpoint_url="http://localhost:3001")
sqs.send_message(QueueUrl="...", MessageBody="hello world")

Celery works seamlessly:

app = Celery("tasks", broker_url="sqs://...@localhost:3001")

The UI lets you manage queues and search individual messages.

Dashboard UI

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