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Show HN: Linkwarden – An open source collaborative bookmark manager

Collect, Organize, and Preserve Webpages Featuring Seamless Collaboration

Linkwarden is a fully self-hostable, open-source collaborative bookmark manager to collect, organize and archive webpages.

Collect and Organize Webpages Effortlessly

Whether you stumble upon an interesting article, a valuable resource, or a design inspiration relating to your project, Linkwarden makes it a breeze to save, store, and categorize them all in one central hub.

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    Collect Links from any browser with just a few click, so you can easily access all your saved webpages in one place.

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    Effortlessly organize your links with custom tags and folders, so you can easily find what you need when you need it.

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    Instantly create collections to group related links, ensuring a clutter-free and intuitive link management system.

Preserve Your Webpages for Eternity

Preserve the webpages you love and never worry about broken links again. Linkwarden allows you to revisit your favorite web content, even if the original page is no longer available.

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    Auto-capture a copy of each webpage as a Screenshot (.png) and a PDF, two of the most used formats out there.

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    Download your archived webpages, ensuring you have access to crucial information even without an internet connection.

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    Safeguard your webpages against Link Rot, preventing them from becoming dead or broken over time.

Collaborate and Share with Ease

Linkwarden isn’t just for personal use. It’s the perfect tool to supercharge your collaboration efforts, making teamwork smoother and more efficient.

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    Invite team members to collaborate on shared collections, streamlining research and knowledge sharing.

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    Assign customizable permissions to each member, giving you full control over who can create, edit, or delete links within your shared collections.

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    Easily share curated collections with the public, so they can benefit from your expertise and curated content.

Hold on, there’s more!


Open source and fully Self-hostable.


Designed for every screen size.


Powerful Search.


Intuitive design.


Pin your favorite Links to dashboard.


Import/Export your data. (Soon)

+ Many More Features

Exploring the Use Cases

Personal Use

Linkwarden can be a valuable tool for personal use, helping individuals stay organized and efficient while browsing the internet. Users can collect and store links to their favorite articles, blog posts, or any other online content they want to revisit later. By organizing these links by categories and tags, users can easily find the information they need when they need it. Moreover, preserving webpages as an archive ensures that even if the original content is removed or altered, users will have a permanent record of the information they found valuable.

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