Mapping the oldest and most important trees in the UK.

They can live for hundreds of years. And there are more of them in the UK than many other European countries.

Help protect our valuable tree heritage. Let us know if you see any ancient or old trees and put them on the map. There are already more than 190,000 trees listed but there are thousands more to add.

We need your help to find them.

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    Tree search

    Where do ancient trees grow? Explore the UK’s ancient tree heritage with our map.

    And you can view any trees you’ve added.

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  • Photo of yew tree at Great Knott Wood. Photograph: Michelle Blackburn

    What we record and why

    There are more ancient trees in the UK than most other European countries.

    But how do you tell how old a tree is and why should it be added to the inventory?

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  • Watch our videos

    What are ancient and veteran trees? And how can you record trees to the Ancient Tree Inventory?

    Watch our five-part video series to learn more about the Ancient Tree Inventory, what we record and how to record trees to the project. 

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    A Walk with Ancient Trees

    Ancient tree verifier Kevin Stanley shares his passion for ancient trees and creative writing, describing one of his recent days spent recording trees to the Ancient Tree Inventory and what inspires him about ancient trees.

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Spotted an old tree?

Spotted an old tree?

Help us put ancient trees on the map.

Add to the Ancient Tree Inventory and you’ll be helping us celebrate and protect our most important trees.

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