Friday, December 8, 2023
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MuseScore 4.1 is now available

We are delighted to announce our first major update to MuseScore 4 since it launched last year.

This update includes a significant upgrade to our playback engine (making the app run more efficiently) plus new features for harp and guitar notation, the ability to customise ornaments, new auxiliary channel strips in the mixer, and hundreds of engraving improvements and bug fixes, plus much more!

A huge thank you to the dedicated MuseScore community for supporting this release with implementation, testing and translating. We hope you enjoy this latest version and are excited to hear your feedback!

All the best from,

The MuseScore team.

How to get MuseScore 4.1

I already use MuseScore

You will receive a notification to update to 4.1 next time you launch the app.

If you have the Muse Hub on your computer, you’ll automatically get the latest version when you open MuseScore from within the Hub.

I’m new to MuseScore

Download the latest version from The app can be downloaded with or without installing Muse Hub.

Watch the release video

New features in MuseScore 4.1

  • New engraving and playback support for ornaments, including the ability to set custom alterations for trills, turns and mordents
  • A major improvement to the app’s performance
  • A dedicated new default reverb, which can be adjusted for each instrument track as well as globally across the entire mix
  • New auxiliary sends in the mixer, allowing instrument tracks to be routed to dedicated auxiliary channel strips for applying audio effects
  • New engraving and playback support for capos on guitar staves
  • New feature for displaying harp pedal diagrams
  • Dynamics and expression text now automatically combine, plus new controls for scaling and positioning dynamics
  • New live braille feature where the selected measure is displayed in braille music notation in a panel below the score and on connected braille displays*
  • Upload audio directly to, allowing you to build a portfolio of your audio content to share with the world
  • View and open your online scores from directly from the desktop app

Other updates

  • Save to cloud: option to make a score “unlisted”
  • Publish to option to either replace the existing published score, or publish the score as a new file
  • New loading screen when opening multiple instances of the app
  • Fixed syllable-based pasting of lyrics
  • A more reliable VST scanning process
  • Around 100 engraving fixes and improvements (Read this article on for a complete list)
  • Numerous bug fixes

Known incompatibilities

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