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Show HN: Hacker News user blogroll

parabyl some interesting projects I’ve worked on, and a few things I’ve written. xena Near 400 posts, writing about a lot of stuff. Here’s some of my favorites over the years:
– – Anything can be a message queue if you use it wrongly enough
– – A weapon to surpass Metal Gear
– – : the best sudo replacement
– – Sleeping Through the Technical Interview
– – I Put Words on this Webpage so You Have to Listen to Me Now to subscribe. Been considering an email list. joshmanders I’m trying to write more, but I am not a great writer nor do I feel my thoughts are worthy (despite many people saying they’d read about them, lol) chillycurve New to blogging but interested in DevOps, WordPress, and Go, along with normal techy things. fasterthanlime Infamous for discussions of Go.. (vs Rust..) but mostly it’s me getting excited about learning & teaching computery stuff like:
ICMP in Making our own ping:
ELF in Making our own executable packer:…
HTTP 1&2:…
Anyway yeah! Some folks hate it some folks love it, we need stuff for everyone. dvcrn Here’s mine 🙂 blog about random bits and blobs in tech. Sometimes a review, sometimes trying out something new. Wanted to try and keep it interesting and not too fixated on one category.
Last post is a mini review on a travel router, and if you need one –
Or going through the process of getting custom molded earplugs done –
Or using Elixir to build a distributed ChatGPT CLI –
Not as active as I wished zdwolfe tech and personal musings when I find time to write about them.My favorite is Schrödinger’s Microservice, which was fun to write… devrob Lot’s of random stuff from tools, to troubleshooting, to how-tos to random essays mostly with a philosophical bent I guess
– Tool: Indexed Book Note Taking…
– Notes: How Dropbox scaled 2007 to 2023…
– Social Network Behaviour and Taxation Strategies…
– Four wings of a Software engineer:…
– Return on Intelligence: Transhumanism, Stagnation or Bureaucracy?… brntn I’m a web developer, so I end up mostly writing about Python / Django related topics in that space, but really it’s anything tech related. onatm It’s been a while since the last entry but I got some interesting low level stuff there
and this one is my fav piece: Zanni Writing about writing. And swords.
Of most interest to HN readers is probably this piece of flash fiction, Prompt Engineering for pre-Singularity Service Workers [0], inspired by the idea that LLMs like ChatGPT are likely to change the way people communicate with each other. But there’s also this ten-part series on how to write a fight scene [1].[0]…
[1]… rckrd 779 blog posts. Writing about engineering, startups, math, and AI.
Many of the posts have rich discussions on HN. You can see the top ones here:…

* Reflections on 10k Hours of Programming (421 points) –
* Don’t Use Kubernetes Yet (306 points) –
* Google search’s death by a thousand cuts (292 points) –
* The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Makefiles (256 points) –
* I Miss the Programmable Web (248 points) –
* What Comes After Git? (227 points) –

RSS Feed:
Email list: bredren Musings on technology and other topics. Some examples:
A Timelapse of a monstera deliciosia taken from frames of a Wyze cam:…
My first experience with the 3D holographic laser disc game, Time Traveler and Dragon’s Lair in an arcade:…
Early notes on Spatial Audio:

Apple Spatial Audio

A highlight of a Devendra Banhart song:… jmmv You probably have seen this in the front page sometime last week due to the “Fast machines, slow machines” post 🙂
I started this blog during exams session back in university and I’ll reach the 20-year mark next year. Wow. I write about my own projects, but also tech in general based on my current interests, which at the moment are around Rust, Bazel (again), and Unix systems in general.
It’s interesting how the blog has changed: I used to write short posts almost daily describing whatever I had been tinkering with in open source projects (back when I contributed to NetBSD and Gnome regularly)… or whatever crossed my mind really. These days, most of those misc posts go into social media, and the blog is reserved for purposeful articles, which end up being much longer (and thus infrequent).
Commenting on the blog used to be much more common years ago, but these days discussion happen off-site in either social media or here. Similarly, people used to visit the blog periodically, but these days nobody does: traffic to the blog is either from organic searches or from spikes due to referrals from sites like HN.
As for how I build it: the posts are written in Markdown; I use Hugo to generate the site; Bootstrap for styling; and my custom web service (EndTRACKER) to offer email subscriptions, post voting and commenting, as well as privacy-respecting analytics. wgrover Random musings of a professor of Bioengineering at the University of California, Riverside. A few highlights:
– – My investigation into a fictitious California university and its link to predatory academic journals.
–… – Looking into filming locations for Gene Roddenberry’s TV show pilot “Genesis II” that was filmed at UC Riverside in 1972.
– – How stereo phonograph records work. ykl Writing about computer graphics. Long detailed posts every few months. It’s been on a slight pause over the past year, but new stuff coming soon. PStamatiou Been writing on it for almost 18 years – a mix of tech, design, photography. Custom designed myself, but built with Jekyll.
Some recent posts:
– (a set of “gear” pages i’ve been trying to keep up to date)
– (Digital clutter: Learning to let go and stop hoarding terabytes)
– (Revisiting the iPod: Buying and using a 20 year old iPod)
– (Craft: Thoughts on elevating product quality)
–… (Building a Lightroom PC: Why I switched to Windows and built a water-cooled 5.2GHz editing machine) susam I have been writing here since 2001. I write infrequently, so there are only about 50 posts so far. Some of my favourite posts:
The blog and the website is statically generated using a Common Lisp program. Only the comment form is dynamic and served using a tiny web application, also written in Common Lisp. See for the source code. stankot I’ve been writing for a while now. Mostly front-end development, random experiments and creative coding.
My most popular post that was on the first page of HN earlier this year:
I’m pretty proud of my generative, pen plotted drawings:
And one of my favorites:
Edit: Typo. mebassett – whatever idea I have that I think is worth exploring in a rambling essay. paulorlando I write this on unintended consequences in tech, policy, and business. Auguste I mostly blog about programming and software, or whatever comes across my mind.
One of my favourite posts is
“This is not the Web I’ve Known”, which is about personal websites and the Small Web.… joeross The latest in a long line of blogs spanning back to 2005ish. cpill Mostly musings on my side projects, AI experiments, game development with a twist of life/work philosophy. wyum Personal blog with a handful of tech-oriented posts and a gallery of some of my favorite photos. Haven’t posted in a bit, but this thread is motivating. Made with Jekyll, hosted on GitHub pages, with Cloudflare in front. It’s super lightweight. My goal is to keep the PageSpeed score at 100.
My personal favorite post is: “Explore JavaScript with Axis & Allies” iBotPeaches I write weekly on using Ghost. Started as a new years resolution I’ve kept just discussing what crosses my life or mind. My favorite posts:*… – being an open source maintainer
*… – wandering into an MLM and researching it
* – finding apktool unintentional markings in a released application masswerk Computer history, some PDP-1 and Commodore PET related content, and a few other things, as well, e.g., we have a closer look at Charles Joseph Minard. 0d0a Reverse engineering, debugging, and some silly contraptions. nickdothutton I’ve been a researcher, engineer, consultant, investor, and product manager in Cyber Security since 1995. Interested in the design and architecture of secure systems and infrastructures, the prospects for strategic software, and the nascent subject of cyber statecraft. I blog at the conflux of these and other related subjects at https://blog.eutopian.ioWriting sporadically as commitments, projects, and the lawyers allow. mkasberg Some programming stuff, some totally random stuff, and lately some 3D printing stuff!
I think my most well-known post is a how-to for encrypted dual-boot in Ubuntu:…
More recently, I’ve gotten into some programmatic 3D printing stuff like this:… kdheepak My blog has seen more time and effort put toward trying out different static site generators than interesting posts, but I’m sharing none the less 🙂 lproven My tech blog:
These replaced the roughly 20 year old, but now Russian-owned…
… and…
… due to the Ukrainian invasion. I cannot abide by the LJ AUP that requires me not to criticize the Russian government. Слава Україні!
These days, the vast majority of my writing is on though. calebjosue JanisIO Still under development but basically my life. I will publish more of my writings, songs and movies in near future. 🙂 andreicek Elixir, Ecto, SQL, and a bit of devops notes and ideas.
There is a more personal section that will contain random ideas and observations. cobertos My blog is at now it’s archival stuff and tiny home stuff, though in the future it’ll include other projects I work on and other weird software arcana eatonphil Ah this is fun to see everyone’s favorite posts of their own!Mine is Some of my favorite posts:
– Writing a SQL database, take two: Zig and RocksDB
– Writing a document database from scratch in Go: Lucene-like filters and indexes
– Implementing a distributed key-value store on top of implementing Raft in Go
– Writing a minimal Lua implementation with a virtual machine from scratch in Rust
–…: Parser generators vs. handwritten parsers: surveying major language implementations in 2021
–…: Emulating linux/AMD64 userland: interpreting an ELF binary IvyMike Not very coherent, but I try to only post when I have something neat or interesting to say. Software engineering, neat gadgets, and 3d printing are some of the topics. tomodachi94 Some Python and Lua content, as well as some other niche content. ozcap DustinBrett I’ve spent the last 2+ years rewriting it from WordPress into an entire desktop environment. But I still do blog whenever I get the courage to. jamietanna I’m at blogging about software, IndieWeb, things I’ve learned and doing Week Notes looking back at the week I’ve just had frenchie4111 VonGuard –… Terrible movies.
–… David and Peter Paul made some good movies.
–… 5G is the final key to the peer-to-peer revolution. comfymatrix – I barely have time to write anymore but its a blog in 2 parts, one is a modern more professional-esque where I write about ML, discrete optimization, and security. The other is a good old fashioned 90s style geocities type “space” where I rant and do random writings prepend Technology and technology-adjacent culture posts a few times per year. Mostly around my interest in data, programming, APIs, cryptography, travel, books, and consulting (way back in the 00s). abc3 For the past 2.5 years, I’ve published summaries of each month as it ends, so on 2023-06-30, I published a summary of June 2023. Each post has the following:- Narrative Introduction;
– Podcasts reviews (each review is 25 words or fewer);
– Nerdy Software (25 words or fewer on a piece of software I like);
– Bougie Products (25 words or fewer on a product I like);
– Personal Finance and Investing (advice in 25 words or fewer);
– Reading (each review is 25 words or fewer);
– A List.
The name of my blog comes from a quote that inspires me: “In music, as in everything, the disappearing moment of experience is the firmest reality.” (Benjamin Boretz)
It’s hosted on Buttondown:
Posts that don’t fit my monthly format are hosted on Sourcehut (via Hugo):
My favorite post is about getting to know a song that a friend recommended: larsiusprime www.fortressofdoors.comMostly write about my time in the games industry (and lately AI), this old article from 2018 kinda put me on the map:… IndisciplineK Mild achievements and severe disappointments

Personal software projects (Nim, Rust, Lua), audio engineering, design, rare notes on technology. tek256 Incoherent ramblings about making games, game engines, and just software in general isolatedsystem CERN engineer writing about cooling systems and simulations. dindresto It’s not much, and I haven’t blogged much recently, but I’m currently working on a series of blog posts about using Nix (the package manager) for building docker images (or rather, OCI images) from monorepos that consist of projects in multiple programming languages, including caching of build artifacts and dependencies. I may also write about Rust, wgpu (the WebGPU implementation), computer graphics and game development in the future. fsiefken My personal digital garden with flora consisting of psychology, technology, philosophy and spirituality OliveMate I feel a tad awkward because 1) I only started this last week 2) I’m not super tech-y or owt like everyone else here, I’m just a bloke who knows his limits. It’s very lightweight & basic and inspired by the likes of bearblog and other small blogs.
It’s for expressing general thoughts really, and it serves as a fun trial by fire as every little change inevitably runs into problems, but it’s a nice learning experience. Hopefully my writing isn’t terrible! dareiff But still working on getting back into the habit. After burnout writing for someone else, it’s taken quite a while to want to write _anything_. pagade Few tech blogs, some opinions, some suggestions.Sample: (Passformula: Create Complex, Unique Passwords and Remember Them All) tfvlrue Showcases a few projects I’ve made, and some food adventures. I have plans to write more, but it’s slow going 🙂 80×25 Posts about the Web and the software that powers it. Light on content right now but will hopefully change that soon. Javantea_
Blogs are a deep dive sometimes and light fare other times. Two9A Perhaps a hundred posts, with the last significant block being ten years ago. I should really get back to it sometime… Posts that tend to have some lasting power:
– – A ten-part series (intended to be longer) on the implementation of emulators with the example of a GameBoy;
–’s-Build-a-JPEG-Decoder – A four-part series (intended to be longer) about the concepts behind JPEG and building a decoder;
– – Going back fifteen years, an exploration of how to build an 80×25 text mode on the Commodore 64. blakeburch Raw thoughts on technology, the data ecosystem, automation and their overall impacts on society.Need to be more consistent, as I’m sitting with a backlog of blog topics. snihalani voigt My personal blog writing mainly about technical things such as Kubernetes (and Containers), WebAssembly or Zig. Lately I’m documenting my progress of learning the Rust programming language by taking notes on specific topics. tgorgolione – tech stuff mostly. I haven’t posted since 2015, but there’s some interesting stuff on there… DiFronzo – small personal blog, writes about tech and stuff- vbernat — not as active as I previously was by lack of time, but there are some quite popular articles with an accent on networking stuff, but also some programming. rnicholus Mostly focused on frontend development (dating back to 2013) with some management topics, remote work topics (such as when I worked remotely from Thailand for 3 months with most of my team remaining in-person in the US), and a number of posts that lead up to the web development book I published via Apress. A few backend and random tech-focused opinion pieces in there too. phartenfeller My blog: . I mainly blog about WebDev (SvelteKit lastly) and Oracle APEX.It was one of my best decisions ever, as it helped me understand things better and led to me meeting many great, interesting, and clever guys at conferences, etc. ploum (French and English content)Started in 2004 on Dotclear, migrated to WordPress around 2008/2009 then, last year, exported everything to make a static website/gemini capsule of it (with a custom python script)
This blog has changed my life. It landed me jobs, it made me become a writer without having to ask (all the book I’ve published so fare were on request of publishers because of my blog). I’m really happy to have all this history and I hope to keep it until my very last post. It is now part of my identity. aurimas13 Mine is about me and how I overcome loneliness that has been a part of my life for third of my life where I speak about my tips, advice and science on this subject. On the way I share my stories. Here it is – yogsototh (or its clone blog about functional programming (haskell, clojure), but also emacs org-mode, thing like these. I sometimes tell myself I should invest more time to write down more about my thoughts there.
I am happy to be part of the 512kb club.
Here are a few posts that were somehow popular:
– (updated by )
–… mintplant – experiments and odds and ends, infrequently updated! davish — Mostly technical content, but every once in a while I write about something else that grabs my attention.I’m still trying to make writing regularly more of a habit. I don’t have much of a backlog of topics, so trying to work on that a bit. jefftk 2,155 posts on parenting, traditional music, contra dance, effective altruism, programming, cooking, and anything else I’m excited about at the moment. Irene A suite of blogs on the latest advancements in technology that are shaping the future. From artificial intelligence and wearables to nano-sensors, cutting-edge diagnostics and less discussed medical cases. mac-chaffee I write about DevOps (mainly containers and Kubernetes) and security stuff: honzabe I started recently after a little cancer scare shook me up. It is about trying new things, re-starting my life a bit, I think. I plan to write for fun about things that I find interesting and that give me joy, like walking multiple paths of Camino de Santiago or my attempts to return to competitive cycling at 47.
It also exists in Spanish and Czech (I have international friends as a result of living in multiple countries):
No ads or pop-ups or anything, very simple design, powered by Hugo. bfdes I write about topics I find interesting. Current blog posts discuss property testing, library design, and combinatorial optimization. omneity I still have to find an area of focus for my writing but a pattern so far is that I like explaining and simplifying technical concepts to a non technical audience, starting with Digital Infrastructure and AI. thombles – a random assortment of programming (mostly Rust recently), technical quirks, and reflections on technology. I’ve given up on being consistent enough to stick to a theme. henry_flower late to the party, but
topics: linux (usually in some sort of critique), javascript, emacs, & random quotes from books I’m reading midzer DJ sets, philosophical stuff, simple recipes, tech tutorials [DE/EN] abound I lived in a box truck for six years while working at Google and chronicled my thoughts and experiences and shenanigans.
Still not sure what I’ll do with the blog going forward, my current life being significantly less novel. a1o I write seldomly but my interests vary around game development and random software things I make or accomplish. sophiabits I started a few years ago but only found a good rhythm in the past ~year. I am 75% of the way to my (arbitrary) goal of hitting 100k written words.
Lots of posts on architecture, AWS, and performance with a little bit of engineering leadership mixed in.
Some recent posts:
* (did you know Secrets Manager “staging labels” can be used to colocate related secrets?)
*… (write Terraform for your infra without learning Terraform)
* (ID formats have surprising performance and DX impacts!)
* (my checklist for when a team member proposes adding something new to our tech stack)
RSS: mib32 You can join me on telegram octed It’s pretty new, first post was made in September of 2022. I’ve been going at the speed of ~1 post per month since then so I got 8 posts.
I mostly talk about stuff I’ve been learning about. For instance:
1. Lagrangian mechanics I [] and II []
2. Group theory (solubility and symmetric groups in particular) []
Besides this, I occasionally write about some of my own explorations as well; stuff that doesn’t fit as neatly into a university course format:
1. Going over a random lemma from Newton’s Principia []
2. Encoding ternary logic into the lambda calculus (I previously posted on HN) []
3. Some epistemological ideas (tbh this is not very good and I intend to write a better post about this stuff soon) []
I hope you guys enjoy and give me some feedback if you got some. brynet Not really a blog, just a few static HTML articles I’ve written over the years related to my (and others) work on OpenBSD. I hope to write some more eventually, but preoccupied with other things in my life. gskye Mostly writing about software I’m working on or things I’m thinking about. Technical topics include: software startups, development with iOS, SwiftUI, Common Lisp (which the blog is built/served with!), Emacs Lisp, and soon Elixir/Phoenix/LiveView. mschaef Technical blog covering a range of topics. Some ongoing focus on Lisp/Clojure and recent musings on personal computing in the 80’s and 90’s. bovermyer There is a wide variety of random content on my site. This is my blog. I tend to write more often about gaming and life in general, and tech only sporadically. chupchap It’s a mix of personal thoughts and Salesforce knowledge davelondon – my adventures in the mountains wonder_er Oh, boy, it’s a random collection of things.
Here’s a smattering of posts about:
– climbing:…
– went to the top of HN, changing your mac address:
– how to write a letter of recommendation for yourself:…
i’ve found SO MANY wonderful personal blogs here on HN. I even built a little web scraping thing a long time ago to scrape these links from the top-level comments:
Heroku shut it down, but I’m gonna see if i can bring it back online in like 30 seconds… jfoucher My blog since 2004 with a variety of subjects, some technical some less so. I rarely blog anymore so most of the content is pretty out of date. pards I write sporadically about programming, technology, methodology, and team structures. ianyanusko Exploratory, but the general themes are startups, religion, the Beatles, article reviews, and travel! btasker I write about a range of stuff, though there’s usually a tech angle to it mad44 Distributed systems, database systems, writing, research, cloud computing asimpletune I haven’t blogged in a while, but I’ve got some stuff coming out, hopefully soon. danielcorin I mostly write about LLMs (lately) or whatever I’m learning or working on vanjajaja1 It’s a work in progress, I didn’t want to launch yet but will soon bndr Mostly I help developers grow — I share my thoughts as a CTO about building digital products, growing teams, scaling development and in general being a good technical founder.
Some of the popular posts are:
–… – Things they didn’t teach you at the university
– – Rules of thumb for Project Estimations
–… – Contracts you should never sign.
Most of the blog posts have ended up on the Frontpage here, here’s the list:…
Cheers, Vadim kyrofa Several dozen posts, mostly stuff about Ubuntu, robotics, or other open source things. codybontecou Primarily writing about Vue, Nuxt, Node, and Python content. I’m starting to dig into VisionOS and SwiftUI and hope to write about that soon. jhpacker Analytics experiments and opinion, around 10 years of back deep dive articles — mostly Google Analytics web performance, bots, SEO. bbkane is more notes to myself than anything else. Here are some posts I’m happiest with (some are just lists of references):-
– alanbernstein Math, coding, tinkering. lhnz I started to do short blogs on algorithmic problems and also neural networks for a beginner-but-tenacious audience. jonchang Mostly bits of code and explanations that I took notes for and then later realized would make a good blog post. andrewhayterr igpay pretty random assortment side projects chegra -It’s like my open notebook. I use it to keep summary of books I have read.
Most Viewed:
1. Summary of No by Jim Camp –…
2. Summary of Never eat alone by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz –…
3. Summary of Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande –…
4. Summary of Fate of Empires by Sir John Glubb –…
5. Summary of Don’t make me think by Steve Krug –… mutagen Mostly personal and a little bit of photos pacifika Some musings on technology, software and society. Powered by a bespoke microblog CMS aidog I write on https://idogawa.devRuby, Raspberry Pi, AI, Japan, Switzerland TomasD Few tech posts before OpenShift SRE role at Red Hat caseysoftware amenghra ~100 posts over 15+ years. I don’t update it often anymore, but I still do have those inevitable drafts I never got around to publish. wcerfgba My repository of recipes, art, notes, music, photography, and essays. Software, economics, politics, ethics, food, democracy, etc. stevelsong I write about affordable access to internet with a focus on Africa. Some recent-ish posts I am proud of:
* A Game of Stones – – rethinking telecom regulation
* A Penny Black Broadband Strategy –… – democratising access to backhaul
* The 5G Fugazi – – dismantling 5G hype
* Annual review of African telecom infrastructure development –… ankitag9 Recently started writing regularly. Have decided to focus on technical nuances and programming mental models learned the hard way, things I wish I knew in college or early career. – About my learning from running my startup for 5 years. – The latest one I wrote on LLMs… – About the breakthrough brought in by Airpods. – Thinking about TAM markrainey Over 200 posts on random things I have learnt or found interesting. Some are techie, some are work related, some are about life. Recent posts have included: – an introduction to public/private keys for non techies – service v hospitality – beware of the normal avodonosov ryjo I’ve had various blogs over the years, intermittently contributing to them when the mood strikes. This one is no different 🙂 Jack5500 influx , I don’t post much, but mostly technical, SaaS, Python, Linux DeusExMachina Focused on iOS development, Swift, and SwiftUI indymike – I cover a lot of topics ranging from development, business and occasionally a political rant. rainingdeerbox Not all that active, but https://blog.jmthornton.netI write occasionally about Emacs, full-stack development and other random stuff Dejital Movies, photography, music.. many interests. synack Mostly about embedded programming in Ada. JPLeRouzic A blog about research in neurodegenerative diseases such as Lou Gehrig disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer diseases.
I am not a medical doctor, just a retired engineer with a strong interest in my domain.
Everyday I look at published scientific articles in those areas and I select a few ones that I summarize.
It’s also a platform for me to experiment about Web technologies. graystevens A combination of cyber security, project ideas, and general ramblings. zellyn — not updated in a while. Notable mainly for my pikchr port to Go. bradbeam Just started. Working on Go and Kubernetes and observability. jklinger410 aeze Just random musings, I’ve been picking up speed recently. dominik primarily yearly compilations of favorite books I’ve read, along with a few assorted essays bhoey I try to write up helpful or interesting pieces I feel either aren’t covered sufficiently elsewhere or for my own reference.
Covers a pretty wide array of technologies (software architecture, messaging systems, DBMSs, etc).
I generally try to target the intermediate level that often gets lost in the spectrum between surface-level intros or expert level deep dives. My hope is that someone gains an better understanding or discovers a new practical tool or approach that they can then use to better their life and career. brycewray tobilg Pretty new, started blogging again after many years, focussing on data and AWS topics- Using DuckDB in AWS Lambda
– A poor man’s data lake in the cloud…
– Gathering and analyzing public ip address data from cloud providers… lsferreira42 Just starting, most post’s will be written in Brazilian Portuguese: ryanblakeley is about animal intelligence knaik94 small personal blog, still a work in progress nfriend Very infrequent updates on my latest side projects. mattstrayer q-base I really love this thread. So many great websites, it almost reminds one of the good old days, where you could wander from one blog to another.I have ended up with two blogs and by no means update them often enough. My personal blog started out as being tech-focused with a bit of photography and motorcycle content, but is probably leaning more and more in way of photography and motorcycles.

Hi there

Hence I started a more simple static site generated from Github to handle the more tech-oriented topics. But as fate would have it, I have worked very little with any even mildly interesting tech-related subjects since then so the blog is a bit stale, even though I really like the design. evancordell andreasklinger usually write stuff down that i keep repeating in discussions
– eg management advice:
– eg my angel-investment decision making process:
– eg simple productivity-hack: tverbeure I’m closing in on the 100 blog posts mark. Almost all are about pretty esoteric electronics topics (by HN standards) that I’ve been learning about myself.
I rarely get a lot of traction, but that’s to be expected given the topics.
I do get a bit of a kick out of the fact that many of my blog posts will end up in the top 5 Google results when you search for one or two words of the subject. There’s just not a lot of people who write about the HP 11720A pulse generator… Nereuxofficial A small technical programming blog about various things i’m interested in(Currently Chess, Embedded, Rust and Fuzzing).
In the future i’d like to go more in-depth in the posts ntietz All roughly related to software engineering, weekly cadence. Sometimes philosophical, sometimes technical, sometimes just random observations. Mostly it’s about whatever is on my mind re: software at the moment or what I’m playing around with at the time.
I don’t read the comments on discussion forums usually, but emails I will always read and respond to emails and I’m always grateful for the feedback. samldev So far I’ve only got a few posts related to local-first home automation, which for me is Home Assistant and my open source library gome-assistant for writing automations in Go.
I plan to add some write ups for my woodworking projects as well when I get around to it. It exists for me to share things with friends/family and any others that are interested, and I don’t intend to force myself to write on any particular cadence. thomascountz swyx I merge things across essays, notes, talks, podcasts, tutorials, and snippets and have 542 items.
– My most impactful essay, read by millions.
– Luck Surface Area, The 4 Kinds of Luck & beyond
– Split it into Community, Content & Product
– The future of JS tools & infra from 2020-2030
– The API Economy: Why it’s good, but also has a dark side
– On AWS vs Cloudflare
– The final frontier of language and infra
– The iPhone of System Design
– Have a job, but don’t BE your job
– Don’t play games you don’t want to win marbs Mostly tech stuff, and some games. Recent topics have been:
Python, Django, C, CMake, SDL2.
These days I generally use it as a place to write up notes on whatever I happened to be working on recently. This is sometimes useful for me to refer back to, and hopefully useful for others too.
On one occasion I searched on Google to try and help solve a programming problem, only to find a post from myself published 8 months earlier, in which I had solved that exact same problem:
Before becoming a full time software engineer I used to develop video games for fun, initially in Game Maker but then later in Unity and other languages. Over time I’m aiming to (re)publish them on my website, rather than just leaving them to rot on my hard drive. None were particularly big hits back in the day, though the most successful was probably Dominos 2: Winter Edition, a physics based platformer with level editor. You can play it here: divan Top posts:
– Rethinking Visual Programming with Go –
– Visualizing Concurrency in Go –
– TXQR – Animated QR data transfer
– Fountain codes and animated QR –
– Thought Experiment: Flutter in Go –
Haven’t been posting lately – COVID+War, plus my main focus now on radical reforming sports system in Ukraine and building a new figure skating federation (a lot of cool coding stuff there too, but also a lot of research on sports governance/science). evantahler lawrjone Mine is’ve been working as a software engineer for about a decade now, primarily at startups. Recently the first employee at, before then working at GoCardless.
Tend to write about lessons I’ve learned that others find useful, or stories I think will be enjoyable. Helps me collect my thoughts and practice my writing!
Examples would be;
– Want to found a start-up? Work at one first (
– Adding latency: one step, two step, oops (
– My most impactful code (
– On working too hard: finding balance, and lessons learned from others (
Occasionally get a popular share on HN or people mentioning they read my blog in real life, which makes it feel worth it. hiidrew trying to write more or at least link dump lol: ssp cmod Wow, just realized it passed its 21st anniversary last month. A few iterations throughout the years, but the current form is basically 13-ish years old, regularly updated. brentcetinich Most popular posts is one an AWS X-ENI and the EMC VNX hacking and the Z16 Thinkpad review
But I like my real adventure where I got trapped in my car next to a leapoard, maybe everyone will find it boring but there is a terrible video I took with proof.
–… alexwlchan I passed 400 posts a month or so ago; been writing for about a decade. It’s a mix of programming, arty stuff, digital preservation, personal thoughts – the first link describes the sort of writing I do, and examples of each.
Some favourites:
* – You should take more screenshots, a perennial darling of HN
* – Launching a rocket in the worst possible way, aka abusing the tag
* – A day out at the Bure Valley Railway, trains!
* – Finding a tricky bug in Elasticsearch 8.4.2, the sort of deep-dive debugging I don’t do often enough
(And a fairly basic post about prime factorisation with Python has been on the HN front page several times, for reasons I do not understand at all) vintagedave Mostly about UI design and IT management (management sounds boring I know but I hope they’re useful articles. Good, I think, for us who are managers here — and us who are managed!)
It’s a new site. Some of my favorites so far:
– – How managers ask for something and get something else, but think they’re doing a good job
–… – UX design often looks lovely, but what is it missing? Joy.
– – on measuring things… and poetry.
I’m particularly happy with the design of the site: I’d love to hear what readers think of the layout and typography. My CSS style is called ‘manuscript’ and it’s very inspired by older book and manuscript look and feel.
There is zero Javascript and ZERO cookies or tracking. None at all.
RSS and Atom: and bergie boricj About two months ago, there was an Ask HN about the most interesting interesting tech you built for just yourself [1]. In this topic, I shared about my Ghidra modifications to unlink pieces of an executable back into relocatable object files [2] in an effort to reverse-engineer a PlayStation 1 video game.
Long story short, I’ve wanted to write about this esoteric but powerful technique and it snowballed into starting my own blog with a series of articles about reverse-engineering. It’s still a WIP draft, quite rough around the edges and not ready for prime-time, but you only have that kind of Ask HN thread once (every couple of years I assume).
Side-note: the Google and Bing webcrawlers managed to find and index that domain name despite having no public links to it whatsoever (to my knowledge) until now, my only logical explanation is that they’ve found it by scrapping the WHOIS database. It’s also hosted inside my home on my personal Synology DS218 NAS with a rather dodgy setup, which will probably crash and burn under any level of load by the time you’ve read this comment.
[2] djedr and technical writing about programming [languages] and my projects.
Most popular posts:
* Introducing Jevko: a minimal general-purpose syntax / / hit on the front page of HN / about a little project I’ve been working on for years
* Why NOT to add the pipeline operator to JavaScript / / I guess this was controversial
And for looser writing/drafts:
Enjoy! mrhat I’ve been trying to write more consistently (2x month) since the beginning of the year about startup and tech topics in general. I like to share experiences and perspective over organisational, hiring and product topics.
I always liked to do it and had a old WordPress website, but now I decided to code it from scratch to make the blogging experience simpler. Allowing me to drag and drop Word files over the page to create articles. I also blogged about that!
Some of my favorite articles:
David and Goliath (big company v. startup) –
Finding the One (how to hire) –
I remastered Facebook Little Red Book (project about remaking in high-quality the best culture startup book out there) –… dotnwat raudette Personal projects, problems solved, and workplace observations.Sample posts:
Fixing ink blobs on Epson prints –
Building a ‘smart’ bicycle dashcam –
Also, kind of a personal blog – I scripted a blogging bot that writes a post daily, using the comments from the most commented article on HN, which today is this one: dystroy Most popular ones:
– How not to learn Rust:
– my plea for Hjson:
– How to store secrets:
– Use broot and meld to diff before commit : tutfbhuf A personal blog about computer science topics. I write a about category theory, llms, cosmology, haskell and generic linux releated topics.Some favorites over the years:
– – GitHub Programming Language Popularity based on BigQuery
– – Arch Linux Date-Based Versioned Upgrades
– – The Ultimate Fate of the Universe mattrighetti Here’s mine, I blog about programming stuff in general.
HN community particularly liked:
Lately I’ve been blogging about my GSoC journey developing a new web protocol for the Tor organisation using actix and Rust.
It’s always fun to read emails and feedbacks from visitors so hit me up if you have the chance 😉
RSS: zetalyrae 150 kilowords on Lisp, compilers, linear types, Rust, and broader software engineering opinions. Favorites:
– Effective Spaced Repetition:
– Unbundling Tools for Thought:
– Introducing Austral:
– Language Pragmatics Engineering:
– Lessons from Writing a Compiler: LoulouMonkey Hey everyone!
I started this site during the pandemic, mainly to improve my written English. It’s mainly around data science (mostly NLP) / analytics.
I’m trying to publish an article every 3 weeks.
Feedback is appreciated!
Recent articles:
* Exploring POS Tags Co-Occurrence With WinkNLP and Highcharts.js:
* Create a Simple In-Browser SQL Playground With Pyscript:
* Time Series Forecasting With Meta’s Prophet:
* Network Graphs Part I: Python and JavaScript: umtksa for my drawings
for other stuff akkartik Since 2012 I have a one-track mind. I want a world with:
* hundreds of software products for any need (mostly check)
* that can all be easily modified by hundreds of thousands of people,
* creating tens of thousands of forks,
* publishing thousands of forks
* used by millions of people.
Wake up sheeple! Add more resilience to your software tools! I joined Mastodon in 2018, the Tildeverse in 2020, Lemmy in 2022, Calckey in 2023. Monopolies won’t break themselves, each of us has to be willing to think different, try out new things. mattbgates It is a blog that focuses on jobs, careers, and the workplace, started 10 years ago and receives about two million visits worldwide every month. jdsalaro Just chiming in, and quite happy to see this thread pop up! I was having a conversation elsewhere about how it’s up to us to create the internet we want and bring back the allegedly already passed golden age of connection through creation!My blog is and my latest comparison of programming fonts at is a good place to start 😀
Cheers! Seirdy I’m trying to adopt as much IndieWeb as I can while still remaining a static JS-free site (except for the crappy search results page). Comments are Webmentions.
I test compatibility with a lot more than just mainstream browsers: the Tor Browser’s safest mode, various article extractors, NetSurf, Ladybird, w3m, and a dozen other user-agents work well. Accessibility-wise, I’m close to WCAG 2.2 AAA compliance, and have already passed AA; I consider WCAG a starting rather than a stopping point. More on its design is in the “Meta” section.
It has long-form blog articles and short-form notes (microblogs).
My best posts are on the homepage, followed by a bunch of webrings. barriteau Not exactly a blog but a bunch of essays and stuff I’ve been writing: https://juan.barriteau.netEverything there is in Spanish EXCEPT for an (fictional?) idea to replace Google with a decentralized alternative: avyfain I write very little these days, but you can find a mix of tech and economics, as well as a selection of my photography (mostly travel and street photo).
For the HN crowd, I’d highlight my piece on evaluating startup offers:… hddherman An incomplete list of things that I do as a hobby.
There have been a few posts that have sparked discussions on HN, and quite a few of them relate to the ThinkPad T430. I often jokingly say that this laptop has been a good investment in more ways than one.
Top 3 as judged by HN:
– Why I went back to using a ThinkPad from 2012:…
– Shrinkflation, SanDisk Style:
– Surviving the front page of Hacker News on a 50 Mbps uplink: bayindirh It’s a semi-regular, assorted blog about my adventures and experiences in life. Generally semi-focused on minimalism, computers and life in general.
It’s powered by, which is very minimal and a joy to use. samsolomon I’m a product designer/UI engineer who’s been publishing since 2009. I’ve probably got 200-something posts.

Some recent favorites:

I’ve also been publishing my Year in Review for almost a decade:
I spent several years interviewing designers, writers and people in the tech space. You can see those interviews here: wunderbaba It’s a mishmash of philosophical musings, personal projects, and music compositions.Building a Pictionary multiplayer AI game with stable diffusion…
Sean Aston uses BASIC to Hack

Strangest Things

How free will is constrained from a physiological standpoint gilmi 31 posts. I write mostly about Haskell, compilers, webdev, and my hobby projects.
– – Compiling a lisp to JavaScript from scratch in 350 LOC
–… – Build a bulletin board using Twain, Haskell, and friends
– – Giml’s type inference engine
– – 7 things I learned from Haskell
– – Why I use the Twain web framework poidos Not as frequent as I would like, probably because I’m always working on four blog posts at the same time. metadaemon xenodium will hit 10 years in November. It started as a single org file for personal notes (programming, cooking, Emacs, bookmarks, iOS dev, travel). One day, I decided to export it to HTML and make it accessible to me from anywhere. Sorta just became both notes and blog over time…While the tone of the posts may have evolved a bit, the blog still serves as personal notes/reference of sorts. The tech behind it hasn’t changed a whole lot. It remains a single org file (…) with my own ugly elisp hacks, but hey does the job 😉 rcarmo 20+ years of UNIX/macOS related stuff, including ARM hardware, various electronics shenanigans and nearly 10000 interlinked Wiki pages: (warning: Chromium/Webkit/GPU recommended) raesene9 – these days, I generally blog about security/containers/k8s stuff that’s interesting to me, and not suitable for a corporate blog, although it goes back to other stuff, as I’ve been posting at varying levels of regularity for almost 20 years now. ChilledTonic Truthfully I spend more time tinkering with the layout and its features than I do writing but it’s truly a very lovely project to always have to fall back on.
AS for other links regarding blogging, I highly recommend checking out the IndieWeb resources. Agentlien A selection of fun tidbits from my work, focused on graphics programming and performance. It’s largely written in a slightly less technical detail so I can share it with friends and family.
There’s still two things I want to write from Wavetale (rendering and optimisation of the water), but those are more ambitious and technical, so I haven’t gotten around to it, yet. abhi9u I just started 2 months back. Here it is: are some of my posts which have been well received:
–… : It takes you through a tutorial showing how to use the function call feature to build your own ChatGPT with plugins
–… – This explains the results of the AlphaDev paper from DeepMind
–… – This gives an introduction to the Mojo programming language
–… – This one is my personal take on whether programming jobs are in danger becaue of AI or not. ryu2k2 It’s mostly opinionpieces and reviews on videogames, but I occasionally publish programming related posts too.
–… joehx2 It’s a Jekyll blog using Github pages.
The domain is through Google, so I need to figure out what I’m going to do with that soon. trashburger I (very occasionally) write about stuff that I’m interested in. The focus is on the Self programming language but I also have things about Zig and SerenityOS. a5hd , small blog where i post about frontend issues/blog posts xoranth In-depth blogging about low level optimization. Two posts so far:
– A walkthrough of an highly optimized implementation of string comparisons.
– Micro-optimizing a perfect hash function and memory comparisons.
RSS feed:
(edit: add feed) miikavonbell Here is my personal blog I’ve been running for a few years now since the pandemic:- English:
– Finnish:
Sometimes I get excited about different topics and niches which I unload by writing in my blog so it’s a collection of whatever I find interesting. Here are some categories and tags to try to keep everything organized:
– Categories (English):
– Tags (English):
– Categories (Finnish):
– Tags (Finnish): gunnarmorling Mostly about software engineering, Java, data engineering. Some popular posts:
– Mylloon For frenchs: am still a student and I never wrote anything before this blog so it’s not very interesting but Im having fun (and everything from the software running the blog to posts are by my hand!) donatj Very late to the game here-
I’m known for my Minecraft Circle Generator
but I’ve got other projects and spiels. Couple of them have been on HN before. Go, PHP, CSVs, and complaining about tech.
CSV: An Encoding Nightmare
Falsehoods Programmers Believe About CSVs
GitHub Shouldn’t Allow Username Reuse (This problem just had a light shine down on it again recently)
Go Modules have a v2+ Problem
– slyall Main Blog page is:
I do a monthly post with very short reviews of books I’ve read. Occassional other posts about tech, transport and random stuff. Trying to get out some more shorter tech posts.
Some posts:… – Sidewalk Delivery Robots: An Introduction to Technology and Vendors… – A minimal viable Light Rail for Auckland… – Prometheus node_exporter crashed my server jclardy thallada I post sporadically about side projects I’m working on. Some recent posts:
–…: Modmapper: Putting every Skyrim mod on a map with Rust
-…: Generating icosahedrons and hexspheres in Rust
– Proximity Structures: Playing around with PixiJS
I’m trying to get into the habit of posting more so hopefully updates will be more frequent in the future. krsoninikhil Learnt most while writing:
–… – Intro to music theory
–… – Confusing terms while trying to understand container
–… – Problems faced while setting up public MSK vedranm It used to be a separate website, but since becoming a principal investigator and starting my own group, I have integrated it into the group website. I mostly write about academic research/teaching and open-source software/principles/evangelization.
One of the posts from last year got a fairly nice traction on HN:
My personal favorite overall is the post from 2015… where I wrote about proprietary and open-source software in computational chemistry by debunking an article from American Chemical Society’s Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. hbroadbent Building SaaS wasn’t working out for me, so i’ve been taking everything I’ve learnt from building Ruby on Rails apps and posting it here.
– Learn Stimulus —…
– Learn Hotwire —…
– About bin/dev and — tommy_axle – mostly code-related tips and tricks m4rc3lv English:…
About my hardware (a lot of Arduino) projects and a UX Blog awanderingmind People seem to have enjoyed my book reviews, of which there are currently a grand total of two:
Most recently I have tried to make a case against the dangers of intelligence explosions (I am unsure I succeeded):…
I have an RSS feed you can subscribe to. I welcome constructive feedback, regarding both my writing or the site itself. sabon Personal, work, non-work, TILs, anything.
It’s a personal blog, anything goes.My most popular article, featured on HN (and even got into a Spanish textbook) is “Why do so many brands change their logos and look like everyone else?”… sklivvz1971 I write about coding, electronics, technical leadership and open source.
–… asicsp I write about Regular Expressions, Linux CLI one-liners, Scripting Languages and Vim: also read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi novels, and have a blog for my reviews: lasermatts it’s a mix of whatever is on my mind, but something I think this group would like is my “The Roboticist’s Library” where I review books I’ve read that have influenced how I approach problem solving professionally.… KAdot I’m writing mostly about databases and performance.My last two posts:
– How RocksDB works…
– Let’s build a Full-Text Search engine… zserge — minimal software, learning how things work by building them prash2488 My Blog
I irregularly write about my experiences, planning to post regularly.
Some of my favorite/recent posts.
Below two has been most popular posts.
– mooreds Two personal blogs: – what I wish I’d known when I started as a dev – tech/business/books, coming up on 20 years! dkrichards86 Just (re)started my blog last week, so content is super light. I have 15 or so posts in the queue and several more ideas lined up behind them. most recent post goes into some detail as to why I’m blogging again. dragosion How to fix things around the home car, pc, kitchen.
Whatever I encounter goes on the YouTube channel and some that need extended details reach the website. julik Been there for nearly 20 years, but haven’t been posting much the last few years. Mostly because most of the things I find important are the “people ops” and teamwork-related, and this can escalate quickly nafnlj I started NLJ back in 2020. It is built with WordPress (hosted on Hetzner VPS and managed with Cloudron). I have published more than 800 articles and 350 short-form posts (almost all posts by me, but my friend has published 30something articles). I write about whatever interests me (I tell myself this means there is something for everyone). Common topics include, but are not limited to, tech (digital ownership, open source software, feeds, and my learning Linux), history (usually American or Roman), old books and poems, anime, visual novels (mainly English translations of freeware NScripter/KiriKiri novels), photos from my walks, fictional dialogues, and occasional commentary about life in NYC.
I am testing out Memos ( for short-form notes and microblog-style posts, but very much a side project next to NLJ. Neat little tool. gregnavis Most of my article are about Ruby, but I want to cover the intersect of engineering, product, and business.URL:
Newsletter: gkbrk I write about a variety of topics including reverse engineering, amateur radio, digital signal processing, cryptography, machine learning, IT security etc.
Just a static site built with Jekyll, along with some custom Jekyll plugins. tslmy Here are some posts that have ranked top 1 in HN:
– A tour to my Zettelkasten note clusters…
– 7 tools for visualizing a codebase…
My recent favorite:
– How to get Notion-AI-like Autocomplete with LLMs in Obsidian, offline… jeromesalimao I blog I just started / neglected. Will one day be about my plant collection and care.
Astro on GH pages. spezifisch hopeless Been blogging since ~2000 but archived most the old stuff. Just rebuilt it on Bridgetown, Tailwind, and Cloudflare Pages because I had some free time.
Best recent blog post is about my re-discovery of hobbies during sabbatical: dom96 Been off and on with blogs over my journey in tech (from blogspot to rolling my own custom static blog generator). Recently I decided to give it another go and this time using HashNode (I considered substack but its lack of code blocks turned me off). So far just one blog post there, but it’s a start:
–… npilk Pretty proud of my most recent post on AR (written pre-Vision Pro announcement): splitbrain Quick reminder: you can register your personal blog at and everyone interested in discovering new personal blogs can check it out.I will later add the blogs mentioned in this thread. gjadi 11 posts, about programming and sysadmin.
–… – When Good Code Goes NaN: How mismanaging Java’s Unorderable NaN Value led to a bug
– How to check ssh public key fingerprints?
Powered by org-mode. wittbenji I write satire in short form posts a couple of times a week. Often it’s about AI and tech, but really anything that makes me laugh.
A few that turned out well:
Apple Vision Pro is an iOpener…
Irish Spring stumbles into artificial intelligence…
Steamboat Ronnie
Trader Joe’s upgrades Joes O’s… peterhung – Mostly on life lessons – though I’m dev by training.
English-only list of posts: favorite is a post written more than 10 years ago on Buddhism:… Retr0id You may remember me from:
Netflix on Asahi:
Hello, PNG!:
Only 3 articles so far this year, but there’s an RSS feed, and I plan to write more soon. JimWestergren This is the blog I had since 2005: use my own CMS and my own web analytics.
My latest article:… tylerjl The posts that made it to the top of HN (that I can recall at this moment)
35 Million Hot Dogs: Benchmarking Caddy vs. Nginx (…)
SSH Kung Fu (
Building My Ideal Router for $50 (
I’ve been using nix/nixos a lot lately and will probably end up publishing more in that general area of interest. That and my excessively-overengineered homelab. alin23 Incredible how many personal blogs are out there. I love using RSS, but how would I go about finding these sources based on things I like?Feels like there should be a Spotify for reading, with “playlists” of articles cherry picked from blogs, and simple Discover Weekly recommendations.
Anyway, I’ll leave mine as well (mostly reverse engineering macOS related):
…and I’ll probably use the quality data on this thread to build that service I feel should already exist. escapecharacter going back to 2005, on Research, XR, Theatre, Games, Human-Computer InteractionProject Writeups:

The Painting — An Immersive iBeacon Theatre Experience Powered by Webble SmartSpot

Telepresence Immersive Theatre with Mice instead of Voice

“What’s the most insane technical thing you did that actually worked?”

Consistently popular niche technical posts:

Splitting a big, single-page pdf into print-size pages

Breaking Up With Git LFS

Tech philosophy:

Studying Narratives in Small Spaces, Part 1: Mysteries ktkaufman I don’t post a lot, but when I do, I try to make it interesting. So far I’ve covered:
– a creative use of Rust’s type system (…)
– taking a deep dive into some obscure, closed-source scanner drivers, and ultimately creating new ones (…)
I do have some more posts planned for the not-so-distant future, which I think will be interesting!
If for some reason you want to subscribe, I have an RSS feed set up: techlatest_net The blogposts are centered around tips on latest technology trends and cover topics such as AI/ML, Cybersecurity, DevOps and mostly derived from the products we list on cloud marketplaces (AWS, Azure, GCP).-
– timmahh Mostly just write about issues I come across in the hope that its easier to fix for someone else.
–… – Next.js 13 layouts by example
–… – Accessing React state in your component cleanup
–… – Why I used SaaS products instead of cloud providers xiaoxiae My little corner of the internet, filled with things that I personally find interesting. The posts are a mixture of lecture notes, additional resources for my YouTube videos and random things I didn’t want to forget. prbs23 Started a couple years ago, but I don’t have as much time to write as I’d like. The majority of topics relate to ASIC design and verification, since that is my day job, but with some other side projects mixed in. varun_ch It’s definitely still a work in progress with only a handful of posts (I have at least 2 posts ready to publish but I’m waiting for permission to disclose vulnerabilities), but my favourite is probably, which is about creating a self referential YouTube video. is an experiment into getting a users history through a fake CAPTCHA, and it’s my most viewed post so far. xnacly I really enjoy writing especially to work on my english and how i express my thoughts.
I try to write at least one post a month but im usually pretty busy with work.
My top 3 favorite posts are:
linux guide for powerusers
Rsa and python
Lexical analysis of Markdown in Go shadowfacts I mostly write about iOS app development, but recently I’m particularly proud of my blog post about ActivityPub and portable identities: buzzologist Mine’s more for note taking and so I can find stuff via google when I forget so not sure how consumable it is for other people. It is relatively old though so can be interesting to look back over all the different trends and fads: dmi3 write about awesome or useful technical stuff I encounter. Also I’ll share lots of useful tips. Main topics are DIY gadgets, Linux and CLI. Most interesting thing I’ve done is rugged Raspberry Pi laptop (and other gadgets mentioned in blog). arikrak Had a few blogs before, started one recently on AI:* Overview of ML:…
* On AI & writing –
* Today’s post on chess:… Mockapapella Ah what the hell, why not: write about productivity ideas, mainly though the lens of tech, and just random thoughts that come across my mind, ex:… wessorh I write about my life farming and flying and a bit on my thoughts on current events, like a few times i died recently. janetacarr I write a lot about Clojure and software developer with Clojure. I only have like a dozen posts though, but people seem to like them (mostly). mkosmul Origami: my designs and general musings julietteeb Some of my favorite posts I’ve made: – My attempt at writing an interpreted language in Scratch – My take on how to explain the Fediverse craigkerstiens Been up and down on cadence over the years, but a few posts that have shown up here.
– Give me back my monolith –…
– Why Postgres –
– Unfinished business with Postgres –…
– A guide to PR for startups –… victorNicollet Rather than a site to write articles, it’s a site where I keep links to things I write (or talks I give) so that I don’t lose them.
I used to have a large blog ten years ago, with at least one post per day, because every blog guru on the internet said you needed to post every day to grow an audience. But I’m not smart enough to have something interesting to say every day, so it was rather poor quality. So I started this new iteration from scratch and post once or twice a year, mostly about software design. tomjuggler Great thread, bookmarked this one! I started programming over 10 years ago so I could make my own circus equipment.I mainly blog about my IOT LED projects but there is a lot of creative coding as well which might be interesting to some.
Actually hit the front page of HN once with a post about how Ubuntu Snap update spoiled my world cup final (that ddosed my site with HN visitors, site was down for 2 days) mkeeter Between the “blog” and “projects” categories, it’s about 80 posts dating back to 2008 (wow).
In recent years, it’s tended towards an eclectic mix of low-level programming, graphics research, and electrical engineering.
Many posts have substantial HN discussions, e.g.
– Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Branch Predictor (
– From Oscilloscope to Wireshark: A UDP Story (
– XModem in 2022 (
– It Can Happen To You ( ashton314 I’ma programming languages researcher, so most of my posts are about that. I also write (too much) about Emacs. Education figures in my posts as well. I try to write one to two posts a month; that doesn’t always work out. I’ve got an RSS feed. The colophon explains how I make my blog:
Favorite posts:
– rpep…
Have just been starting this really. Any feedback much appreciated. herbertl — I don’t write much technical content, I usually cover marketing, creativity, and the human condition.Sharing a few posts that have resonated at hn, and highlighting the discussion (which I’ve found just as interesting—if not more so—as writing the post):

Don’t think to write, write to think

hn thread:…
hn thread:…
hn thread:

Why you should turn your conference talk into a blog post

hn thread:

On quitting, failing, and, “I find a lot of people who should quit don’t”

hn thread: Erethon I try to blog about things that I feel I have a good understanding and get into details. Examples:
–… I recently had my Matrix server die on me and this documents my journey on bringing it back from the dead.
–… An exploration on the powers of a malicious admin in Matrix
–… Old blog post that needs updating on how I manage my physical servers and spawn VMs using Terraform and Ansible to have an IaC setup without the “cloud”. captn3m0 RSS: quodsoler I have started to share Unreal Engine hidden knowledge
( The engine has tons of cool things but not very documented )
One topic for instance is Component Visualizers, super helpful to work in the editor:
I plan to share more on the Gameplay Ability System and other topics as well.
Finally, lately I have started a weekly newsletter to help Solo Game developers:
Hope someone finds this helpful! woodruffw It’s mostly tech (Python, Rust, LLVM, cryptography) along with some other interests mixed in. dannycastonguay When I find myself repeating the same topic, I write it down for future reference.
Writing is enjoyable, with the added anticipation that my children will read it someday (with mild embarrassment). transistor-man Some technical projects and adventures ranging from snowy robots to acrylic painting arms and everything in between. hlandau Some favourites:
– – Computers are an inherently oppressive technology
– – The Demise of the Mildly Dynamic Website
– – Adventures in reverse engineering Broadcom NIC firmware
– – Netheads vs. bellheads redux: the strange victory of SIP over the telephone network
– – The Talos II, Blackbird POWER9 systems support tagged memory
– – Modern CPUs have a backstage cast zrail I don’t really have a theme, other than just stuff that’s interesting to me, but I’m proud of it as a body of work spanning more than a decade now. tiim I just post random stuff, mostly things that took me a while to figure out, and which would otherwise just sit in my notes. viralpoetry I write mostly about the security and things I work on, to keep memories somewhere.
One of my posts about the google bug bounty for the Waze navigation bug went viral and was shared by Schneier, Threat Post and others… parakalan Started writing recently – articles – dijit Mostly I rant about things and it becomes a jumbled mess of crap. My issue is keeping things short.
More interesting than my blog is the discussions that happen because of them:…
Interesting ones include:
* Cloudflare is turning off the internet for me:
* My Manager spent $1M on a backup server I never used:
* I don’t trust Signal:
* How to survive an open office:
(the final one seeming much less relevant these days, thankfully). langsoul-com General writing about musings on the world. Sometimes that’s about how everyone in a big city is an npc. Why erotica exists in a world of free unlimited porn.
One of my first posts was about how Chinese anime migh die off due to the heavy handed censorship of stories over there. The same 10 acceptable stories aren’t interesting enough to go outside China.
Made with Php, laravel, statamic as the CMS and static site builder. Hosted on
Wanted to move to cloudflare pages, but doesn’t support Php 8+ yet for the build process. zerobits A site about the most effective techniques to improve your memory, intelligence, and effectiveness. Built with a custom software stack, want to put more time into it soon.
Selection of posts:
· Adults learn faster than children: challenging a discouraging myth that children are suited for learning more than adults. (
· A new curriculum: The topics we fail to emphasize in school. Was on HN front page for a bit. (
· Everyday memory palaces: How to increase your memory by orders of magnitude, and apply that in daily life (
· How to draw a 4D hypercube: Wrap your mind around higher dimensions. ( palidanx A scattering of personal newsletters, tech, and data engineering. For the personal newsletters that involve traveling, what I do is journal every day while I am in the destination country, and then when I’m at home, begin writing. Each travel post takes about 40 hours of writing, editing, and picture selection.
For the travel posts, I try not to rehash a history of a place (you probably could watch a youtube video or read a book for better perspective), but instead try to find something hopefully new and insightful to reveal
EG… superluserdo I’ve got a few posts on there (although most are still on my “been meaning to write that post for literal years” list). Some at random: – Temphost: Host files quickly on a dumb HTTP host with optional time-to-live… – How to Backup and Restore root-owned Files Over the Network Using Rsync… – Some Fun With Decompiled Super Mario 64 – Imprisoning Naughty Dotfiles in a Fake $HOME – The Most Useful Key In Vim (Not Escape) mgaudet for general interest stuff, for tech stuff.Some good ones IMO:
– Implementing Private Fields for JavaScript…
– Histories, by Herodotus:… hxii I really, really need to get back to writing and updating it (let alone use the new static pages instead of PHP) but this is mine: write about my (previous) PHP and Python projects as well as experiments and opinions on the small-web. blackshaw Here are two recent(ish) posts I was proud of:… mjgs Really liking the idea of a blog revival.I’m still posting after all these years. I have a blog, linkblog, podcast and newsletter. Currently still quite minimal. I’m trying to ensure it works well with little to no CSS, then progressively enhance it so it looks a bit nicer later. It’s slow going at the minute, created via a custom static site generator which works really well. Hoping to open source when the world / life allows.
Anyhow here you will find the latest: AshleyJanssen I’m a productivity consultant so I write about productivity and how to be intentional about how you spend your time, energy, and attention in all parts of your life.
I publish them bi-weekly via my newsletter, Every Intention.
Top articles: nyanpasu64 I write about hobby projects including CRTs and analog video, basic electrical engineering, and technology/programming/audio tinkering. The website is implemented in Zola using a customized template. jgrahamc adrianmsmith Software, Coding, Databases, etc.
I’ve been writing the blog for about 20 years now.
– Full article list:
– List of categories (Java, PostgreSQL, etc.):
Started life on (does anyone remember that?) then migrated to WordPress, and now Hugo.
The only articles which really get any hits any more are those where I’ve specifically solved problems I was having, i.e. posts which are similar to Stack Overflow answers. I guess people search for the error messages and find my articles, so that’s search working as intended I guess.
If I write anything else e.g. my thoughts on software development, it’s still a useful exercise to focus the mind, and I can send the article to a few mates and they might read it, but that’s it, no hits from Google etc.
Back in the days of Google Reader I used to have some readers via RSS, and I used to follow a number of interesting blogs from various individuals I’d found. Those were nice times, but I guess they’re over. gsaines I started this one about six months ago as a way to indulge my passion for hacking wealth. No technical topics, but I’ve been writing about startups and businesses regularly. This series might be the most applicable to folks on Hacker News:…
My personal blog. I originally started it when I was running my first company to document the stuff I learned. It’s been around in various incarnations since 2008, but I don’t blog very often. In the last couple of years, it’s devolved into personal book and movie reviews. If you like indie movies or nonfiction, give it a read! lpolovets I mostly write about startups and fundraising from the POV of an engineer turned VC. The posts have gotten much less frequent over time, but I have a few good drafts that I hope to publish by the end of the year.
My two most popular posts so far:
How to de-risk a startup (
Salary and equity benchmarks based on AngelList data (…)
The posts below are less popular, but they’re my personal favorites. Apologies in advance for poor formatting, I migrated to Substack a while ago and still need to fix some of the internal links.
Not all revenue is equal (
Becoming your future self (
Startup thought experiments (…) dash2 – it’s occasionally been on the front page, mostly at weekends: “social science, genetics, history, culture and politics. The drunken ramblings of two Tang-dynasty poets may also feature.” ManuelKiessling Some personal favorites:
Applying The Clean Architecture to Go applications (2012):…
Object-orientation and inheritance in JavaScript: a comprehensive explanation (2012):…
Why developing software without tests is like driving a car without brakes (2011):…
Tutorial: Single Page Applications with a Serverless Backend and Infrastructure as Code (2021):… dblack12705 “Some things that aren’t worth doing are worth overdoing.”
I write about physics, language, and history, or whatever interests me at the moment, with an overarching theme of spending way too much effort analyzing useless topics. Here’s some of my favorites:…
I derive an expression for number of donkeys needed to move an army a distance L, and discuss its relationship to the tyranny of the rocket equation.…
I postulate that Guinea pigs are fermions, and simulate the quantum dynamics of multi-pig states.…
I attempt to answer the timeless question of whether the characters in Wheel of Time sniff in disapproval more than average.…
ChatGPT and I invent a slime language.…
I teach you just enough Middle Egyptian to read some of the hieroglyphs on most museum artifacts.…
I share my technique for annoying text spammers by pretending to be Assyrian Royalty.
Mostly up to date index of posts:
Hope you enjoy! lexandstuff It’s a mixture of blog and a public Zettlekasten.
So far, this has been my most popular post:…
Though this is my favourite:… danielskogly My most popular post, at least here on HN, is about how Cloudflare Images had a lot of issues ~1.5 years ago – unfortunately they still do too. A previous PM for the product told me at one point that he and the team was “very well aware” of my article, and it was at one point one of the top ranking search results for “Cloudflare Images” too.
I’m currently writing a post about how I discovered I have low-frequency tinnitus. cookiengineer I don’t have many posts, but some ideas in the pipeline that I’m working on. Planning on documenting a lot more about the hardware tinkering I am doing.
I also added a bunch of secrets and games to the website, with the idea that the source code can be used to explore and learn. There’s even an unsolved crypto puzzle in there, but it seems to be a little too hard considering it’s been unsolved for over 10 years now. maltris Its mostly german, but nowadays the translators work quite well for german to english (vice versa not so much), so I will post them anyway: – car repairs and experiences – my personal thing, rarely used – small hacks and experiences of technical nature 11mariom DevOps, Cloud related topics mostly. Sometimes some guides / howtos, sometimes my thoughts around technologies I use.
Started this year, few posts already there. I wanted to post on weekly basis, but well 😉
It’s my 3rd or even 4th attempt at blogging. Previously I was writing in Polish so I didn’t bother keeping archive, also the break was pretty long and everything got really outdated already. qword Discussions on HN:
LSD: Not even once (337 points, 330 comments)
Maybe you should store passwords in plaintext (177 points, 141 comments)…
Calculus rules everything around me AdamCraven Alignment between people and technology, mostly. Much aggregated from my other site (
–… – post with 3d graphics
–… – one that took the longest to write
– – A principle tminima RSS: write about random experiments I do in my life (data science, personal analytics, reviews, travel, etc). Been travelling a lot this year, but haven’t been able to write about it much. Hoping to change that in the next few weeks. TimeWasterPro I really need to add more content. About 90% of the content is still in drafts. It’s really my online notebook. I add content when I either organize my old files or finally find some free time. Tell me what you think.
It covers everything from software, ML, CNC, Wled, Robots, High voltage, and etc. johnnypangs Like a lot of other people, I have a blog that I seldom post things on. Mostly on the topic of creating the blog itself. I try to be humorous and informative but who knows how much of either I actually am haha :) rushter Most of my posts are about Python’s internals and some security stuff frantzmiccoli I really enjoy this thread, thanks for opening it!On my end:
– Technical stuff:
– Entrepreneurship & thoughts on society:
I am afraid that my non native english make the content less pleasant to read 😉
I have been blogging since a long time, including a blog with more than hundreds of articles that I am not sharing. It’s strange when you realise that you basically could have written two or three non fiction books.
Of the shared content, the ones I think are the most interesting are:
– A post mortem analysis about a solo startup project…
– The recent articles about generative on the second blog.
– A write up about a very cool data science project around smart watches…
– Debugging randomness… lucasfcosta I frequently write at’s been on the front-page here quite often.
Especially these posts:
– Useful engineering metrics and why velocity is not one of them –
– You don’t need Scrum. You just need to do Kanban right.
– Why deadlines are pointless and what to do instead
– warrenm I could…and I even will 😉 hakunin Hosted by amazingly convenient
Articles on software architecture. I’m also looking to make new friends to discuss these topics. Working remotely in my 30s from a not-major-city makes this difficult. In my blog there’s a place to leave your email if you’d be up for it. squeek502 A few Zig related posts, but the posts I like the most are some technical posts about the Quake/GoldSrc/Source engines:
– Rampsliding Is a Quake Engine Quirk in the Same Way That Bunnyhopping Is:…
– Source vs GoldSrc Movement: Downward Slopes:… 0xbro Ey, here’s my blog => :)I blog (and make videos) about what surrounds AppSec, ethical hacking, penetration testing, CTFs, and other various cybersecurity stuff. I also plan to do vulnerability research and responsible disclosures in the future, but only time will tell.
You are welcome to my web space! icinganalysis I blog about the development of aircraft ice protection in the era of the
National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA, 1918 to 1958, a predecessor to NASA).
An amazing amount of analysis was conducted with analog computers, and many of the results are still found in design manuals today. jfantl Brief posts on topics I’m interested in, or projects I’ve worked on. My favorites:
– shaping swarms:
– simulating a simple economy: eldridgea I write about tech culture/ethics, security and privacy online, and random technical projects I’ve been working on.
Some favorites are:
Myth of the Necessary Jerk…
The Silent AI Overlord is Already Here…
Online Identity is Complicated… JaviFesser I don’t write very often but I’m trying to have at least one post per season.
Currently failing. gls2ro I mostly write about Ruby
I also wrote some more general pieces about building software, products and companies at but did not had too much time lately also for that part. qsantos Rants about C and undefined behaviors, random experiments with ham-compatible cryptography.
I finally gave up writing my own blog engine after a few iterations over the decades. I am just using WordPress. So at least, there is no article about how I implemented _this_ blog! rossdavidh snewman I maintain two, with pretty different content. Both are intended to explore deep topics (AI and climate change, respectively), aiming for a middle ground between academic papers (meaty, but often hard to understand + contextualize if you’re not already an expert) and popular press (often over-simplified or off the mark). – was intended to be a general “things I’ve learned after coding for 40+ years”, but so far just chronicles my attempt to wrap my head around the actual capabilities of current AI models and the potential trajectory and impact on society. – my attempt to explain some of the big / controversial topics in climate change mitigation. tito I write about carbon removal every week, 205 posts over 4 years.
Here’s some favs:
–… How to get to work on carbon removal
–… What can solar, computers, cars, and weapons teach us about carbon removal?
– Ride the “air miners” wave zer0tonin – I talk about a lot of tech related stuff, mostly devops and cryptography. I have been making around a post a month lately.Noteworthy posts:
– : How much can you really get out of a 4$ VPS?
– : Low Tech Crypto : Solitaire
– : The dangers of AES-CBC geoelkh Here is mine: puresick I write about technical stuff I encounter throughout my day, mostly as a support for myself remembering it. Since it might be interesting for some people I asked myself why not putting it into some blog format. dgacmu “Dave’s Data” – very much a “whatever I want to post about” blog but with some of my historical cryptocurrency mining exploits, some CS professor babble, some cooking, and recently some Rust.
My most read article was the one where I discussed a pretty crazy adventure creating an optimized miner for the monero cryptocurrency, discovering in the process the mechanism that had been used to artificially pre-mine its predecessor, Bytecoin. (It was released with an artificially slowed down implementation of the PoW function, which I managed to reverse engineer and discover the original design):… conor_f Try to write monthly about technical projects I’ve managed to complete. I’m beginning to mix it up to include more recently musings on non-technical topics now however! outcoldman I write once in a while at about the projects I have been working on, and some random topics. steve_adams_86 It’s barren these days — I got self conscious about writing for some reason, and removed most of what I’d written — but I’ve recently gotten back to it. I have a lot ready to go, just need to build that confidence and hit publish again.
I write for myself more than anything, which makes the hesitation that much stranger. marctreagan I only write about things that I think are a genuinely unique contribution to a topic. mgsloan2 – 11 posts about unorthodox computer ergonomics. 6 posts about Haskell ideas / weird tricks. Haven’t posted in a couple years but would like to get back to it. Notable HN discussions:- – Supine Computing (2019)
– – Outdoor Computing with a Deck Desk cybersepp The post above talks not so much about technical aspects of programming but rather what people (me included) have done using programming creatively. 🙂 elSidCampeador Am not as regular as I’d like to be DarrenDev I blog about FHIR, in the healthcare space. Short posts that I also post on LinkedIn. I started at the beginning of the year and typically post two or three times a week.
It’s helped boost my LinkedIn audience and profile. Which has helped in other areas. janejeon Kinda afraid of sharing it (the quality isn’t “top notch”, I just write about whatever, whenever my ADHD-addled brain allows for it), but in general, I write about tech stuff (OSS/nodejs/devops/frontend/backend) and some “higher-level” stuff (e.g. the role of software in business value chain, Conway’s Law but for development processes, etc).
You can see all the ones I’m actually sort of proud of in the “Featured” sidebar to the right. ashwinne 2500+ posts from almost 20 years on the web.
Essentially a place to take notes: on the digital devices I use and tips of the software I use. The main idea is to have a place I can refer to when I want some programming/software/hardware detail a second time, instead of returning to Google search again. I’ve found it easier to have my own notes (once I find the info I need) since other sources of info online can disappear over time or disappear from search results. benjaminoakes Mostly a link blog, but some original Ruby content on occasion m10k Most of my posts are about shell scripting and messaging-based architectures. I wrote a small module framework for Bash that allows you to send messages (point-to-point and pub-sub) between scripts, so I’m doing a small series about enterprise integration patterns in Bash.
I’m planning to cover some of my other projects (embedded, hardware, baking — everything I do is pretty low-level) once I get around to it. bhu1st Recently migrated to a .com
If the site throws error on first load please refresh the page. I can’t figure what’s causing this issue.
Random musings
Short Poems 700+
I love writing in my native language cause I feel like English has everything already written. sakras Only one post at the moment (about Bloom filters), but I’m working on another one about compressing integers! My focus is on high performance data analytics—adjacent things. acaloiar I mostly write about tech topics and write howtos, usually for my own future reference.
However I also write about being a “digital nomad” living in an RV, and sometimes that converges with tech, e.g. (…) and sometimes even mountain biking (…).
It scratches a personal itch, and covering any topic I want allows me to do that. jdleesmiller Occasional, mostly engineering and/or recreational mathematics content. A few highlights: : The Mathematics of 2048: Optimal Play with Markov Decision Processes : How a Technical Co-founder Spends their Time: Minute-by-minute Data for a Year : Lessons from Building Node Apps in Docker twilysparkle I blog at I’m still new to the world of blogging, but I have been trying to refine my writing style and learn how to talk about the things that I’ve been learning about. ahalbert My blog: just got back to public writing, but I like to share summaries of the books I read.
My most recent post is the secret history of cold war submarine espionage:…
This recently was featured on hacker news’s front page: _ache_ Mine is https://ache.oneI don’t write a lot. Mostly in French. But the web site have a lot of features.
– Static
– Multilingual
– Integrated performant Kudo system
– RSS feed
And a bunch of things like side notes, dark-theme, zen mode, etc.
I seem to enjoy to improve the blog more than to write blog posts. tedivm Most popular posts-… – Using Github Actions OpenID Connect to push to AWS ECR without Credentials… – Rob’s Awesome Python Template… – Getting AWS ECS to work on Ubuntu with Full GPU Support… – Telling OpenSSH to Pull Keys from Github with AuthorizedKeysCommand… – Multi-Py: Multiplatform Container Images for Python Packages… – ec2details, the missing EC2 Instance Metadata API stn8188 I found my niche in a problem called Signal Integrity – a subset of digital hardware design. My work relies heavily on electromagnetic simulation so I enjoy playing around with that in my spare time as well. I probably only post about twice a year as I’m busy lately with grad school, but it’s fun to keep the site going. I also have what is erroneously titled a “wiki” there where I want to accumulate a knowledge base of helpful SI/PI information. Since I just use static hosting, I currently generate the wiki section of the site from a Zim notebook. intellectronica doublerabbit To be a blog or not to be rebeccaskinner Very few posts so far since I’ve mostly been focused on my book, but I’m hoping to start posting updates more regularly as soon as I’m finished with the extra online content for my book. pgjones I blog mostly about Python web developed, especially Flask, Quart and Hypercorn related aspects. xorvoid I write quirky computer science articles. Usually based on some crazy project often at the intersection of computers and math. Currently working on a series that builds Finite Fields up from scratch step-by-step (haven’t published that yet) skibish Around 30 posts, few a year. Capturing notes to my future self about tech related topics, life.
RSS feed: halfdan Fifteen years of on/off blogging. Took it way too serious ten years ago and published anything I could and nowadays I just blog when I have something useful to share. Working on a couple of Elixir posts currently. Aissen HN really liked this article: Awk driven IoT
But there many others that could be interesting:
Making a Twitter bot that looks for hashes…
SIGSEGv1 qualification CTF
Bash, so long and thanks for all the fish
Playing with ARM servers in a pre-Ampere era
How remote work pushes you towards engineering best practices
How I traded my first software project:
Winning r2wars 2019
And of course my ongoing Game Gear emulator in Rust series: gregorojstersek I have a newsletter blog called Engineering Leadership ( and I write about (you guessed it :)) topics that are all things Engineering Leadership related.The goal is to help:
– Engineers who want to progress their careers.
– Engineering leaders in the engineering leadership role for the first time.
– Seasoned engineering leaders who want to stay up-to-date.
– Founders who want to learn what it takes to build a high-performing engineering organization.
– Everyone who wants to learn more about engineering leadership topics in general.
Example of a post with very interesting discussions here on HN: hackitup7 Always down to share since it seems that HN has enjoyed our content, although this feels like someone is trying to jumpstart training of their LLM: barbariangrunge About writing and analyzing fiction, and now featuring original fiction
I think this is my most popular article: what I learned after reading 100 short stories… trwhite Some of my favourite posts:
Building Software, Sharing Knowledge…
Code and Context
Some Quality Biases csapdani It’s my hobby. springogeek I started it fairly recently (linking it here will probably cause the server to melt)
Just my space to talk about whatever I’m thinking/working on.
Currently it’s focused on Fang, the programming language I’m designing/developing. umarniz No tracking (no external domain requests or analytics), built using Gatsby.Your IP only goes to Cloudflare (caching) + Netlify (Hosting) + BunnyCDN (when watching videos on the site), no other personal information is collected. lemonlym It’s a bit silly but I’m enjoying it so far. fboerman Started couple years ago to practise my writing and analysis skills.
I mainly write about energy transition stuff, intersecting with my work at TenneT. I like to analyze stuff as a hobby without the work pressure. In the past I have used blog posts internally at TenneT as well if something came up that was similar to a post haha.
Traffic is mainly driven by summarizing and linking to a post on linkedin.
Its completely written in markdown and generated with hugo and open source here: baobabKoodaa Started in 2019.
My most popular long-form article is about how banks create money:
My most popular page is an april’s fools I made a few years ago. It still gets 4k organic unique visitors per month, which accounts for about 95% of my site’s traffic. rmdes We should all have blogs and reboot “Web rings” mines run on
I dabble about things I find interesting, call it a link blog if you must! knlb2022 I’ve been writing here sporadically for more than 10 years at this point, at ~1 post a year. The more recent posts took months to write, and tend to cover things I find myself repeating frequently while working with other engineers.
– Tips for ramping up on large projects
– Building developer tools
Planning to overhaul it later this year. AndrewKemendo More broadly though as I put my most important thoughts on the front page kaetemi Mostly development notes, and whatever seems interesting or fun enough to share. Not blogging very frequently. mundanevoice My Humble blog:-
– mpweiher Software architecture (, performance, iOS/macOS programming. denvaar hvalls Made with NextJS + Tailwind + Markdown files for the posts dmitshur If only I directed more of my writing activity to blog posts, not just commit messages¹ and issues².
[2], dostoynikov My first blog. Mostly writing about inner thoughts, my coding journey, politics and translation related stuff. The blog platform is privacy friendly, fast and unbloated. So the medium is minimal, which reflects my emotions too. rozenmd I lost count, but I’ve been writing regularly for a while now.
My bootstrapped SaaS diaries:
General React + Tech articles:
My most read article, looking back on a year of running a SaaS: zikani_03 Trying to get better at writing. I have like 54 articles in draft that I need to finish before year ends. :/ landgenoot All static using Jekyll, no JavaScript, no external libraries, hosted on a CDN.
It helps me to think and straight things out, especially when things become an micro-obsession.
Moreover, blogging contributes to my personal branding.
Topics: Travel, Finance and Engineering.
My recent favorite:
* Exploring Greece’s innovative fight against tax evasion: QR codes, snitching apps, and VAT lotteries… adityaathalye It is my space to “think in public”. The motto is “Writing = Thinking”. Pet topics include functional programming, systems thinking, emacs, bash, clojure, organisation design etc.
It is my second time writing publicly. This is how it began:
It is made using my static site maker (written in Bash :), which I “Show HN”‘d some time ago: wasi0013 I don’t post much and if I do it’s usually about programming and tech. OwenFM I write all the content for the Non-Human Party, explaining how we can transition to a digital-first, opt-in society that respects robots, plants and animals.
The idea of Nationality as a Service was later rebranded by others as the “Nation State”: bluebeku Writing about learning, healthy productivity, creating and things that interest me.
Next post will be on “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker, a summary of its content with relevant additions from elsewhere and a quick evaluation discussing its problems such as far far too many untruthful claims.
Future posts will be on my year studying in South Korea, burnout, motivation, front-end development and a rewrite of the post on Anki and learning. Have more thing planned but am already not publishing enough.
Seeing so many posts here feels intimidating and it might not be worth the effort to even share this. Hopefully one person enjoys it 🙂 alanpearce I really want to write more often, I’m not sure if it’s that I don’t know what to write about or that the idea of blogging doesn’t come to mind easily when I’m doing things that I could blog about. robotsquidward Personal blog. Mobile Development, TTRPG and other nerd stuff. moconnor – wrote some popular posts about programming (under the coderoom name) and I guess also about working with an iPad and Linode before it was cool.Haven’t posted for a while now, too many other things going on I guess! rpastuszak Sure! (projects, essays, experiments and toys) (“Important Meeting Notes” originally started as doodles I gathered during morbidly boring meetings when I had a semi serious job) (this one writes itself)
If you like it, consider buying me a coffee: xavdid Sure, mine is at: I’ve got RSS and JSON feeds too: mostly covers 3 main areas of interest:
– tech (lots of Python & JS, but other topics too)
– media reviews (big best-ofs yearly)
– personal items
I post ~ 4 times a year, on average, but I put a lot of effort into what I post. I should probably invert that (more low/medium-effort posts), but haven’t.
Please tell me anything jumps out at you! dmitrykan I write about vector search, ANN algorithms, neural search frameworks, search engines and algorithms in general and publish episodes of the Vector Podcast. l0b0 – mostly programming, mostly “here’s something neat which might be useful to others”. koryk I just started doing one article per week challenge in late may. I have been keeping up with it, and am proud of some of my work. are pretty random, but software engineering adjacent: rtl sdr, home automation, air quality monitoring, nature.
Here is my most recent, a response to a post on here from last week about the hidden cost of air quality monitors:… lawgimenez laeri I am practicing writing and blogging so most of my posts at the moment are mostly for that purpose. I still have a lot to learn and my blog will hopefully reflect my improvement over time. animesh371g Technical concepts, distributed systems explained in simple words – denvaar TotempaaltJ Currently working on two more posts, trying to write at least one sentence a day! longwick Mostly write book reviews, and whatever comes to mind. dvdkon It’s not much, but it’s my home for things I make that are at least somewhat like articles. hypertexthero Video games, graphic design, and technology links with commentary and occasional articles like the following: agallant Haven’t had the chance to write for awhile, but been wanting to get back to it. In addition to normal static site stuff it has webmentions/pingbacks, comments, and (probably now broken) interoperability with Twitter (likes would show up as webmentions) – overall it was a fun excuse to figure out IndieWeb stuff ( is where I explain that). zefhous Mostly journaling projects in the physical realm. I’ve been enjoying making things with wood, leather, metal, electronics, 3D printing. And some introspective writing, mostly for myself. I have lots more drafts of projects that I’m hoping to publish in the near future. scarface_74 A personal journal of the places we travel as “hybrid digital nomads”
Just random career related links. Most of the links I found on HN. michaelfromyeg but I don’t write enough :’)-
are my favorites to-date shoobs I post pretty sporadically about things I’m working on or that interest me. Electronics, coding, food, general hacking and making.
There are only a handful of posts there now, with 2 or 3 in the pipeline for the coming months. ayewo Published two articles yesterday as part of a project that will hopefully allow anyone to fully automate the installation and/or migration of a Ghost blog to any cloud host that supports Ubuntu Linux VMs.… shafyy RSS feed: usually write a post once a month about more high level topics of technological trends on their influence on society. Mostly opinion pieces. There are some outliers, like some more low level technical posts in there, too.
This year I haven’t been feeling like writing much so far, though. Hope to do more again in the second half. kasperset Not much to show but some of the posts can be found at mostly related to programming and other tid bits for data analysis. crgk I recently started writing about my experience as a full-time caregiver, having recently left my software career: Striving for one post each week. shaundon I write on wouldn’t say I’m a prolific blogger; maybe 4-5 posts per year, but it’s nice to have a space to post any thoughts I have. dracyr Just got started this year so it’s only got two posts so far. One on logging and the other on config languages.
I’d like to spend a bit more time writing but still need to build it into a habit. mlitwiniuk I wanted to start with “this week in review” series, but it ended quite quickly.
Now I want to publish lesson learned while building my side-project (, which is a missing tool I wish I had when running software house year-and-a-half ago, before I sold it.
Topics considered for near future:
* lessons learned while coding it in Rails with hotwire & stimulus
* lessons learned actually sellign it to people (Open-Startup idea/movement is close to my beliefs). chthonicdaemon I know, it’s a Blogger site, but it started long ago and I haven’t had the time to move it. Programming, data analysis and philosophy, with some weight loss and running in there too. imor80 I write about the Rust programming language. I basically write about whatever I learn in Rust. This not only helps cement my understanding of the topic but hopefully helps others as well. paraknight a mix of small projects, AI experiments, and my (rather unsuccessful) horticulture blogpost123 A few years worth of posts (haven’t updated it in about a year though). Anonymous because I’d rather not tie it to my normal acct on here. mr-karan My personal blog:’ve been writing on this space for a while now but the frequency of posts has dropped to once in 2-3 months. I hope to make it a more consistent habit however. ayende krishadi : most of the stuff here are a knowledge base. I am starting to write more thoughts and observations now. yakkomajuri I write about whatever comes to mind, and also post some pictures there. Been meaning to restructure the whole thing but haven’t gotten to it yet. felixhummel Just taking my sand to the beach:
Both made with ablog for Sphinx using myst parser. mattsimpson I have been blogging before it was called blogging! Ha. Mostly just random technical musings, with a bit of book/movie reviews. There is always room for improvement and more, but I like my little slice of the web. wcedmisten I like writing about my own projects that usually involve web scraping, OpenStreetMap, or visualizing interesting datasets. I’ve been at it for about a year, mostly to gain motivation to actually finish my projects. To that end it’s been quite successful, and it’s a great opportunity to practice writing. dusted It’s kind of disconnected from my main site, mostly rants. Ethan_Mick I write about building cloud multi-tenant SaaS products and run a niche newsletter that goes further into detail about building these. My goal is to help every software engineer (if they want to do this) turn their side project into a product they can monetize and live off of. photon_lines I’m mostly planning on sharing my own personal data structures and algorithms + applied math notes primarily aimed at visual learners. billylo Lesson learned from my giveback projects (mobile, ML, navigation, travel apps) lawrencegripper l00sed Been dark for a while… moving everything from PHP to Python and React which has been fun, but tedious. Also, I had a baby and they are just crazy amounts of work (and fun).
I will hopefully soon continue to write about projects I’m working on, tech tutorials, Vim+Neovim, Linux, 3D printing, art and design. Vincenius I occasionally write articles and tools around web development. Once a week, I also share interesting tools and resources I’ve found. grahamlee My current situation doesn’t allow me to post as much as I’d like, but I’m at TDiblik It ain’t much, but it’s honest work jerpint I don’t update it as much as I’d like, but I have fun when I do 🙂 gherlein RamVasuthevan is my personal site built using Jekyll. is my blog built using Ghost Pro marcua The content has varied over the years, but in the past few years, I’ve used the blog to explore side projects outside of work. This has allowed me to separate my primary responsibility at work (manager/unblocker/collaborator/prototyper) from my personal interests in hacking. izyda Writing about data-as-a-serice (ie. selling datasets), especially as it relates to finance & hedge funds. Includes both technical pieces, summaries of big events at my startup, and higher level questions on data valuation. FrenchyJiby I’m a software dev turned devops, and I try to write down opinions I haven’t seen written anywhere before.
Lots of Unix shell, TDD/BDD, automation, project management, and most recently SDLC ramblings.
Sample articles:
– acconrad A lot of it is around engineering management best practices but there are some more philosophical and personal bits sprinkled here and there.
It has hit HN a few times but I’ll admit I have no analytics on it so I don’t really know how many readers I have beyond my newsletter subscribers. i_like_pie1 write about:
(1) lessons from building, including building/selling to a F500 for $>90M
(2) summaries of stuff books i read
goal is to
1/ share what my failures with others and hopefully help someone
2/ give my thoughts clarity ganderzz Programming topics ~1 a month with some big gaps in there. I got inspired by Hanselman’s “save your keystrokes” (…), and most posts revolve around questions I get. benwerd I’ve been a founder (2x), CTO / tech lead, engineer, product lead, VC, film reviewer, and writer. My site is about all of those things. Mostly I write about tech, startups, ethics, and journalism, interspersed with links I find interesting.
I also post a live view of my RSS subscriptions over at – I’m excited to add some more from this thread. Thanks for starting it! james-bcn Made with Quarto:
I also keep a personal Quarto site of my own notes and experiments. It’s great. hk__2 I have three blogs for the three languages I’m fluent in, and I have different interests in each language.- (English, on tech, rarely updated these days)
– (French, on Paris, inactive)
– (Italian, on Italy and Italian language(s), active) makingstuffs A strange mix of personal blogs, brain dumps, tutorials and whatever else.
No tracking, no sponsored content, just my pure brain waffle Illniyar Also cross posted to medium vparikh Just random stuff I come across and my thoughts on it – more of entries that have interested me and so I have a log of it over time. More for me then others so – hope someone also gets something out of it 🙂 riffraff It’s a personal blog, I’ve run different versions of it for 15 years or so, and there’s few pages cached in which I would like to bring back to the latest incarnation.
Alas, never a priority. navanchauhan Trying to write higher quality long-form pieces rather than just quick snippets like I currently have john-tells-all older: blog on everything about Dev, DevOps, and Quality.
A number of topics are on dev speed: fast Dev, fast DevOps (e.g. TDD with cloud resources), fast Startup (post-deploy feedback like A/B testing). Some articles are published, many are in the coffee pot, waiting to be poured out 🙂
Drop by and say hi! mikewarot – a few hundred posts in the last 2 decades on a variety of topics, including photography, programming, etc. akalin I write very infrequently, but my favorite posts are:
– Why is the Quintic Unsolvable? –
– A Gentle Introduction to Erasure Codes – nathell English:
And a recent foray into Substack and the realm of newsletters, a report from cycling Land’s End to John o’ Groats, completed a week ago (in Polish): reubence Haven’t written in a while, but the blog on dataism deserves it’s own thread and I’m extremely proud of it here ->…All Articles -> rpac0 This is a collection of blogs (not mine) I’ve read.
Here is mine: k__ I write about anything that can help frontend devs to use their skills in the whole stack. Lately, that’s decentralization tech.
Wrote more frequently there in the past, but after a year of hobby blogging I transitioned into doing it as my main job and now I write mostly for other people’s blogs.
( if you need a “pen for hire”) mayyue i write about random tech stuff that interests me at the time. haven’t written in a minute but i’d like to again.Magic The Gathering & 8 billion text files:… voberoi I started writing publicly late last year. It’s been tons of effort but it’s been tremendously fun and fruitful.
Some of my more-visited or favorite posts:
* A primer on Roaring bitmaps: what they are and how they work —…. This one ended up on the front page of HN and gets hundreds of visits monthly. I wrote it because it’s the post I would have liked to read instead of reading the papers themselves.
* An internship working on “Customers who bought this also bought” at Amazon 16 years ago —…. I wrote this one as an addendum to throwaway tweet I posted that went viral.
* How I made — I wrote this one when I open-sourced the dataset behind The dataset got featured in Data is Plural and in a podcast interview I did with Jeremy Singer-Vine.

My favorite personal blog to read this past year is Phil Eaton’s (eatonphil on HN):
I enjoy the subject matter he posts about (a lot of systems work and research, primarily), but his other posts are great too.
His post, “Is it worth writing about?” is a nice inspirational one for folks who want to/have been thinking about writing: _zeta I talk about application security and other stuff (common pitfalls from working on the field, career advices etc). I have yet to migrate the content from my old blog, but a new post will be released soon™.
An introduction is available here: sircastor I get in about 1-2 posts a year. They’re mostly various projects that I do in my spare time: MakerFaire stuff, electronics and computing projects. Occasionally just slice-of-life things that pop up at the time. I recently made the site static, instead of WordPress. abdulapopoola This blog presents leadership methodologies for high-impact outcomes. Each post typically describes a challenge, hard-learned lessons, and the reusable framework to use.
Areas include building high-performing teams, setting direction, creating an engineering culture, identifying high-leverage interventions, and more. It aims to help engineering leaders accelerate their growth while supporting their teams to reach their highest potential. dannas Notes on systems programming. Not that many posts but I’ve reached the HN frontpage on two occasions.

* Why should children program? A review of Seymour Papers Mind storms –
* Views on error handling – Arubis Mostly the-consulting-side-of-technical-consulting posts.
When I’m on a roll I post every weekday, but it’s been a bit while dealing with symptomatic PTSD on my end. Hoping to get back to it within a couple months. asb I keep meaning to post more, but it’s hard to find time. RISC-V, LLVM, and a few other things. pseudo_meta Just blogging about (neo)vim. More targeted to the intermediate-to-advanced user, since there are tons of blogposts for vim beginners already. ColinEberhardt Been going for 10+ years now. It’s fun to watch my interested (professional and personal) change.
It all started with WPF then Silverlight (RIP), then diversified into HTML5 (when the version number seemed to be a thing). I also had a fun foray into mobile dev for a while, swift / iOS. More recently it’s been quite JS-heavy, and the past year or so, a lot of AI.
There is an underlying theme of open source throughout.
A fun trip down memory lane! avastel Mostly about bot detection and browser fingerprinting. scaglio Actually, I have three blogs:- is for my “findings” about myths, religion and folklore
– is for my short stories
– is my personal blog, where I want to start to post more often to exercise writing in English jamiedumont After some hand-wringing I decided to remove all my dev-related blog content when I changed professions. Instead you can have my photography portfolio: coded with vanilla HTML, CSS and JS. No frameworks or templating engine involved. It’s very liberating after 12 years of professionally swearing at computers that don’t do what you ask! m-i-l Infrequent but longer articles on various subjects (topics at ).
See also the blog search at (and feel free to submit yours and/or others you like). RheingoldRiver I post about things that are interesting to me, which is mostly MediaWiki software-related (which means Lua, JS, CSS, Python, SQL in a MW context), but also sometimes not – I’ve talked about random unrelated Python libraries, written a bunch of book reviews, etc.
Two years into hosting this blog I did also write a post about hosting a blog. martinrue – my best HN post was my post about Esperanto, which reached #1 here for a few hours, but my favourite to write was the story of how I learned to code on the C64: gavinhoward This is a personal blog; I write whatever I want. This means I write personal things as well as tech things.
If you don’t want to read the non-tech things, go to and click on the categories you care about.
Each one also has its own Atom feed, so you can completely avoid the other stuff if you so desire. DanHulton Sometimes I post fun stuff, sometimes I post technical stuff. Right now, I’m nearing the finish on a post about how much I despise Unit Testing (at least the way it’s commonly done right now) and an alternative I wish more people would take. It’s not really a new topic, but it’s not one with nearly enough traction, so I’m just doing my part. udia Rambling, personal notes, links to other more worthy pages TomK32 You only remind me that I don’t blog that often, it should turn 25 this year even though I didn’t know the word blog back then and scraped the personal posts from it.Anyways, my last blog post is a bit of a highlight: saving a lightly burnt HDD… pasdechance Total hodge podge but mostly standard end-user tech gripes and howtos with a splash of education wunderwuzzi23 Embrace The Red: https://embracethered.comBlogging mostly security related things, red teaming, pen testing, AI security, threat modeling and stuff. nkit I have only written two blogs. One of them is on rust other on my frustrations with TDD. TDD one is more of a joke. I don’t think it’ll be of much interest to others. But I guess no harm in putting it out. vladsiv Writing about Data Engineering, ML, and AWS solutions with some focus on numeric calculations. tcgv Started as a way to train English writing and try to establish some presence online to bolster my CV. Posts of topics related to work, weekend projects, and personal reflections.
It’s interesting to get back to older posts and find out how my skills, perceptions and opinions change as I progress in my career. imgabe Sure should post more. I’m kind of leaning more towards an old-style homepage than a blog though, that’s why I separated out the Notes and Miscellany sections for things that don’t really make sense as a part of a chronological series of posts. simonwjackson devinprater My blog is mostly about accessibility and such, from a blind person’s point of view. 0gdd My blog, lists, notes… Really anything I want to share. Quality is meh, content is random, i love it. mbork_pl One post per week for almost 9 years now. (In July I’m going to change this to one post per two weeks since I’m starting another blog.) Mainly Emacs stuff with a bit of JS and PostgreSQL, and sometimes other stuff once in a while.
The blog started in 2006 (then only in Polish), the English version started in 2009, and was rather irregular until 2014. spc476 Twenty-four years of back-log, and it’s a mix of technical and personal content. kernelcurry My little blog that almost never gets updated. Thanks for the reminder I need to get another post up – : Retro Gaming and software engineering mostly. BigglesB Not many posts on there just yet, but experimenting with being super open while developing my next game! wannabebarista I write about my research in CS and interesting things I read. I’ve been writing intermittently for 5+ years.
Most popular post: This is a quick and easy method for parsing heavily nested JSON in python. c6p I try to develop an habit of writing, unsuccessfully.
Bursts of very infrequent posts about web, game dev, personal projects, and tools or lessons learned. victorbjorklund Mostly write about Elixir. Check out the search function. It is a rust library run as WASM in the browser (all the right keywords for HN hehe).My blog:
Search library used:
(And yes, I know it is totally overkill to have search when you just got a few articles) murphyslab Not a lot there right now. When I rehosted from WordPress to Hugo (after HostPapa started jacking up prices), I pulled a number of posts. Since I’ve been on hiatus from adding material to my blog. But, now that Reddit and Twitter have really soured, I’m leaning toward making it the one place where share thoughts. bhag2066 Just started, one post so far. Posts every Sunday and Thursday to inspire company builders – aareet I write amateur poetry and post it to my blog above 🙂 grwthckrmstr My personal blog: I don’t write as often as I used to. Something I’m still finding my way back to after burnout. imdsm Posting for years, since 2010 at least, with gaps in between, most of which has served as a notebook of sorts for when I need to go back and find something. A few posts which did well when the blog existing on, winning a top post of the week award, but other than that, mostly just quick posts. catwell Posting occasionally since 2009. kevin_nisbet – not much content, most interesting around some 10+ year old outages I investigated. Started writing a bit when I had some free time in 2022, but haven’t done a great job of being consistent with new content. deuterium–_– I mostly write about CTFs, SMT solving and cryptography
Here are some of my writeups to CTF challenges eslaught An eclectic combination of a long-running (but infrequent) blog, technical projects, and academic papers. txtsd I blogged about my involvement in FOSS last year. This year has had no updates on account of being the hardest year of my life yet, but I’ll get back to it this month. stargrave with more than 4.8k of posts, but on russian. nelsonfigueroa I mainly write about things I learn about in the field. I am slowly putting up more opinions/thoughts.Some of my fav blogs are:
– ngshiheng Started this blog about 2 years ago. I write about Python, web-scraping or some inconsequential tiny projects (inspired by :D) that I worked on. TBH, I haven’t settled on any niche. mathgladiator Ehh… my business aspiration is deeply personal: entire “content strategy” is to write and post here. I mainly am writing for myself as I think things through. toastal I just finished relaunching my blog 2 days ago with a design, new host, new build tool, etc. so I could get back into writing & owning my writings. I hope to write more soon: adrianhon Writing about games and technology, with the occasional sci-fi short story and politics thrown in.
I play a newish game every week and talk about its mechanics, game design, and what makes it interesting. nickstinemates My post recent post is on how to make a KVM hypervisor from scratch starting with Basic Networking.
Details here:… nichochar My favorite article is around tech debt (I break it into 3 categories as a mental framework): JoshuaRogers I write as it strikes my fancy. I try to keep it about technology that I find interesting. I only post occasionally because I go through endless revising, but when I do, it’s quite the thrill for me. battesonb A relatively new blog. I’ve picked up posting more frequently in the last few weeks. Right now, I’m working through making a simple game end-to-end using WebGPU and TypeScript. I enjoy revisiting the linear algebra involved and focusing on something different to my work day. diego Lately I’ve been writing about AI because it’s impossible not to. But I generally write shower thoughts about tech and my experiences in the industry. mdrwsh just started writing blog in a telegram channel, a little bit of support might helps it. Atelfo I write about biotech mostly sphars Going through a bit of a slump, trying to decide what I want to write about and fighting the ADHD in me.
But I’m happy with how the design turned out. First time working with Tailwind, it was a lovely experience. yashasolutions Power by hugo after being on wordpress and then gatsby. The hardest was to get a workflow of writting so that i don’t have streaks of multiple month without any writting going on.
Still hard but somehow it is improving.
I have also cut out twitter and I am trying to write everything on the blog first and then eventually to to tweet it later Artgor I write about Data Science and my interests (like language learning). Recently most of my posts are dedicated to reviewing deep learning papers. Addono Just covering general tech things which excite me, often quite hands on to solve some niche problem 🙂 csears Just set it up a few days ago. has some info on my current side project, Audiobook Wish. Concept is to match people with expiring Audible credits with other people who would like free audiobooks. Any feedback is welcome! qubyte Going since late 2015. I post long form (/blog) and short form (/notes), mostly on programming, maths, (bad) generative art experiments, notes as I learn Japanese, and of course about the blog itself since I spend more time on the custom static site generator than I do on writing actual posts. h1t35h I don’t have much as compared to others but we all start somewhere..- medawsonjr Started it a couple years ago. I post mostly about topics in the area of IT Performance Engineering, with more emphasis on low latency than on high throughput. federicoponzi I recently started my blog on are only 2 articles right now, but I would love to get some feedback if anyone wants to provide any. I mostly write about things that I’m learning, and random thoughts. I’m interested in operating and distributed systems. Thanks! deathmonger5000 Mine is more of a personal website than a blog – I wrote about bands that I’ve been in over the years and various software projects that I created or was a significant contributor to.
The website uses Notion as a backend. Source code is here: do-me My open source blog mainly with (geospatial) niche tutorials.
It’s a pretty personal thing as I mostly (but not only) derive the blog posts from challenges I encounter during work or my PhD research. In this way it documents my learnings and serves as a quite verbose personal wiki. tndata My blog, where I blog about Authentication, authorization and other related .NET topics. varunramesh Right now I’m working on posts with interactive code snippets that you can edit / re-run directly in the page (like a Jupyter notebook). It’s based off this: rajkumaar23 That’s my online home. I blog ~once a year mostly if I am releasing a side project that can be useful to others.
Recent release : (most helpful webapp if you plan to travel internationally soon for the first time) spacedimp Main focus is on writing simple to follow tutorials related to Rust, Elixir, and Linux. ValtteriL I write about security research and curiosities whenever I have the time and inspiration. drakonka No particular topic – just random ramblings, sometimes about Go. danthewireman I’ve done some math tutoring, and word problems are really boring, so I decided to spice them up a bit with monsters and mayhem. Scroll down on the home page to see all the problems (this site is new and a little unorganized right now).
The hope is to eventually write enough problems that they could be part of a real curriculum. ochronus Writing about different aspects and challenges about engineering leadership and management. carrozo No words, just pictures I’ve taken, present — 2015. samueldobbie – published my first post today on personal productivity. Going forward I’ll be writing about software engineering, startups, scuba diving, and AI (namely NLP). zck A lot of Emacs stuff, but also some generative art, nix, and til posts. Tags page here: inferense tell me what i haven’t thought through. cricalix Mostly notes to myself on the tech front. House renovation problems, boat problems (and non-problems), and other errata. These days, never work stuff, though there are some posts from a decade ago.
Looks like WP, but it’s actually static. WP is the authoring side, and I export to the main site.

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