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Google Is Shutting Down Album Archive

You can add one more service to Google’s history of killing off features. Today Google started to notify customers that they will shut down the Album Archive service.

Here is the email being sent to customers today:

You’re receiving this email because you’ve viewed Album Archive recently or you may have some content that is visible in Album Archive. Starting on July 19, 2023, Album Archive will no longer be available. We recommend that you use Google Takeout to download a copy of your Album Archive data before then.

Today, Album Archive lets you view and manage album content from some Google products within Album Archive.

However, some content that’s only available in Album Archive will be deleted starting July 19 including

1.Rare cases like small thumbnail photos and album comments or likes

2.Some Google Hangouts data from Album Archive

3.Background images uploaded in the Gmail theme picker prior to 2018

If you would like to access this data, please make a copy of this data using Google Takeout. After Album Archive is no longer available, you can still use those Google products to view and manage some content directly – learn more.

Thank you,

Your Album Archive tea

This service is something most people likely know by it backing up some of their old Hangouts images. If you want to save any of these images you can use the Takeout feature to save your photos.

Hurry though as after July 19th you will be out of luck.

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