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Generally Intelligent (YC S17) Is Hiring Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff:…

Generally Intelligent is an AI research company working directly on building human-level general machine intelligence that can learn naturally in the way humans do. Our mission is to understand the fundamentals of learning and build safe, humane machine intelligence.

We are looking for a stellar Chief of Staff who will work closely with our CEO, Kanjun Qiu, and CTO, Josh Albrecht, as we scale the company. Kanjun herself started her career as the Chief of Staff at Dropbox, scaling the company from 200 to 1300 people.

This is a high-trust role with enormous growth potential. Your job is to do whatever it takes to make Generally Intelligent successful. Your work will cut across strategic initiatives and tactical execution with both internal and external folks.

You are
• A fast learner
• Gets stuff done
• Can take on big projects and move them forward with little oversight
• Deep belief that AI today is a historical moment, like the Industrial Revolution or early Internet
• Strong writing skills • Enjoy talking to people / working through others
• Interest in building an AI community around Generally Intelligent

Some backgrounds that could be a fit
• Experience as a founder
• Experience in BizOps (business operations) at a startup
• Experience in strategy consulting (e.g. McKinsey, BCG), in addition to at a startup
• Experience as an engineer or product manager with a desire to move to the business side
• Studied quantitative fields like math, computer science, physics, or computational biology



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