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Codeberg – Fast Open Source Alternative to GitHub


Codeberg is not run by a company, but is in the hands of its users – via the non-profit organization Codeberg
e.V. based in Berlin, Germany – feel free to join!

COMMUNITY will be more than just Git hosting for your projects: We are a community of like-minded Free Software and
Content Creators.


No tracking. Your data is not for sale. All services run on servers under our control. No dependencies on
external services. No third party cookies, no tracking. Hosted in the EU, we welcome the world.

We grow with your support!

Become a member

Codeberg is the Free Home for your project! Our independence is backed by the non-profit Codeberg e.V.
Your donations and contributions sustain our community. Consider joining Codeberg e.V. as a supporting or active member with full voting rights, and empower our mission!

Fund our project

Free as in freedom, not free as in beer! Operating our systems and developing the software has its costs. Our developers
deeply value your optional donation to support our mission.

Develop Codeberg

Powered by Free Software! Get involved in the systems behind Codeberg and help improving your experience. We
are looking for contributions to our various projects and services.

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