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Reclaim Protocol (YC W21) Is Hiring Mechanism Design/Game Theory Researchers


Tools for the future of pseudonymous, permissionless work.

$80K – $200K


San Francisco, CA, US / Seattle, WA, US / New York, NY, US

Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.

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Madhavan Malolan

About the role

We’ve just launched Reclaim.

Reclaim protocol makes https traffic verifiable. We run a http proxy that witnesses all the encrypted traffic that is going back and forth between a client an server. All of this encrypted traffic and the decryption key on the client are used to generate verifiable proof that data was exchanged back and forth between a client and server.

Reclaims users use a wallet to generate claims on their data residing with web servers. These claims are encrypted, stored locally and always shared with users consent. Third party developers can request or verify claims from users by integrating with our SDK. This SDK handles the back and forth message passing between the third party apps and users reclaim wallet.

  • Designing incentive mechanisms for nodes in the network
  • Design, if relevant, a token and it’s initial conditions
  • Review and critique the security of an incentive design
  • Figure out : How much should the nodes be compensated, when?
  • You’ve published research on game theory
  • You have published critiques of launched tokens

About Questbook

The future of work is pseudonymous and permissionless – aka, purely meritocratic. Anybody in the world, irrespective of their geography, race, sex, background should have equal opportunity to participate in the global economy.

Questbook is building the following tools and infrastructure




Team Size:18

Location:San Francisco


Sriharsha Karamchati

Sriharsha Karamchati


Subhash Karri

Madhavan Malolan

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