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Google search engine (YC W21) Is Hiring Rails engineers to build GTP3 for customer... (YC W21) Is Hiring Rails engineers to build GTP3 for customer research

$100K – $130K / 0.10% – 0.30%

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PJ Murray

About the role

Great Question is hiring Full Stack Rails Engineers to help us on our mission to democratize user research – helping companies talk to their customers more to ensure they build software that people want!

We’re specifically looking for folks excited to build on the new wave of AI opportunities (GTP3 etc).

A well-funded seed-stage startup, backed by Y Combinator and Funders Club, we’re looking for an experienced Rails and React engineers to join our high performing, fully remote team.

This is an huge opportunity to get in early, work on an interesting problem, have a huge impact on the technology and culture of an early stage company, and shape the future of how teams build software through research.

This is a remote role open to anyone able to work within American timezones.

The opportunity

As an early member of our engineering team, you’ll be crucial asset in our journey.

  • Ship interesting features to end users frequently with just the right amount of bureaucracy.
  • Shape the culture and processes of our engineering team.
  • Drive key technology and architectural designs across the entire platform and product.
  • Grow with the company – with plenty of opportunity to dive deep technically or move into management.
    -Be intimately involved in business and product decisions.
  • Learn from experienced startup founders (10 years experience, 2 previous exits)

About you

  • Bias for action. The right technical decisions are important but what’s more important to delivering customer value-
  • Customer centric. You care about building the right thing and are willing to connect with real users to validate your assumptions.
  • High conviction. When you’re in, you’re all in. You take pride in work and are passionate about delivering your best work
  • 3+ years professional experience building and maintaining complex web applications.
  • Experience with Rails, React, Typescript.

Apply for the job

Do you want to join our team and help us build our vision? We’d love to hear from you!

About the interview

We have a fairly quick interview process.

  1. Meet w/ our co-founder CTO
  • Share what you’re looking for in your next role
  • Understand some of the challenges / opportunities at Great Question
  • See if it’s a shared fit, and move to technical review
  1. Technical interview
  • 90 minute pair programming session writing some basic code
  • Goal is to understand your skillset with rails/react and thought processes in writing quality code
  1. Cultural interview
  • 2x 60 minute interviews
  • One with another member of the engineering team so you can understand what it’s like to work here
  • One with someone non-technical (typically designer) to discuss collaboration outside of engineering
  1. Offer

Why you should join Great Question

Great Question is a customer research platform that makes it easy to do research with your own customers – whether it’s customer interviews, surveys or prototype tests – and share what you learn with your team.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Ned Dwyer & PJ Murray, we’re backed by Y Combinator and on a mission to democratize research.

We launched our beta in February 2021 with a bang – customers like Adidas Runtastic, Linktree & MainStreet all use and love our product.

Great Question

Great Question


Team Size:4

Location:Oakland, CA


Ned Dwyer

PJ Murray

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