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Show HN: We’re open-sourcing our session replay tool


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DocsCommunity (Support & Feedback)Feature requestBug report is a monitoring tool for the next generation of developers (like you!). Unlike the age-old, outdated tools out there, we aim to build a cohesive, modern and fully-featured monitoring solution, something we wished WE had. And it’s all open source 🙂

At a high level,’s feature set is:

  • Session Replay (read more here)
  • Error Monitoring (read more here)
  • Logging (still in beta) (read more here)

Read more about our features below.

We strive to make as easy to install as a few lines of code in any environment.

Read more about our features, values and mission below, and get started at today!

Table of Contents

Get started

Hosted (free to get started!)

The fastest and most reliable way to get started with is signing up for free at After making an account, getting started is as easy as installing the client SDK snippet.

Hobby self-hosted

Deploy a hobby instance in one line on Linux with Docker (recommended 16 CPU cores, 32GB RAM, 256GB disk):

git clone --recurse-submodules
# or `git submodule update --init --recursive` on git < 2.13

# if you want to run the backend in debug mode (attach GDB), run the following:
# export
# see the `docker/.env` file for other compose configurations.
cd docker && docker compose up -d --build

After a brief frontend load time, the app should be accessible at https://localhost:3000

Good for <10k sessions and <50k errors ingested monthly. See our docs for more info and limitations.

Enterprise self-hosted

See our enterprise self-hosted docs to deploy a scalable, production-ready instance with support from our team.


Session Replay: Understand WHY bugs happen.

  • Dom-based High-fidelity Replay: Replay every interaction and dom change that happened in a given browser session (powered by
  • Outgoing Network Requests: See all the network requests (and their contents) in a given session to reproduce the data that was sent/received by your frontend -> docs
  • Console logs: Analyze the logs printed (console.error, console.log, etc..) to the console from your frontend -> docs
  • Embedded Error Monitoring: See the errors associated with a given session to understand what the user was doing leading up to them.
  • Session Comments: Comment on errors to communicate with your team on user frustration, bugs, and more! -> docs
  • Integrations with your favorite tools -> docs

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Error Monitoring: Understand WHAT bugs are happening.

  • Customizable Error Grouping: Customize rules for grouping repeated errors -> docs
  • Customizable Alerting Rules: Customize how often, and where alerts are sent -> docs
  • Embedded Session Replay: See all of the sessions associated with any given error.
  • SDK Support: Support for a long (and growing!) list of SDKs.
  • Integrations with your favorite tools -> docs



Our logging product is still in beta, but please message us in discord if you’d like a sneak peak of what we’re building. We’d love for you to try an early version to share feedback.

More?! Metrics? Traces? Merch?

Have an idea for what we should build next? Please share our community or via a Github Issue!

Read a full list of features.


All of our SDKs for can be found in the sdk directory. We currently support:

Our Mission

Our mission is to support developers like you in shipping with confidence. We do this by giving you the tools you need to uncover, resolve, and prevent issues in your web app.

Our Values

We build in public.

We strive to build in public in every way we can. This means that what we built, what we’re building, and what we plan to build is shared with the world.

We build a cohesive product.

People may think that we’re building multiple products (session replay, error monitoring, etc..). But we see it as one. Before we build anything new, we prioritize making it operate seemlessly with everything else.

We build for today’s developer.

If you’re building software, why should you care about grafana or loki or the elk stack? is built for developers that want to develop. Leave the monitoring stuff to us 👍.

Read more about our values here.

Read More



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