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Show HN: Kandria, an action RPG made in Common Lisp, is now out

About This Game

Ever been caught backtracking for ages, trying to figure out where to go next? In Kandria there’s no risk of that — wherever you want to go, you can, right from the start.

Following a narrow tunnel among the rubble you are lead to a large underground lake, brimming with rare fish. With your trusty sword-turned-fishing-rod, you’ll have your encyclopedia filled out in no time. And better yet, with the right merchant, you’ll be swimming in riches, not just water!

Right from the start you’re pulled into a conflict between two of the remaining factions in the valley. Despite your strength and abilities, this is not something you can solve on your own, and being an outsider trust is hard to come by.

  • Explore over 2’100×1’200m of gameplay area

  • Beat 250 individual, hand-crafted rooms

  • Experience 50 quests that lead you through the world

  • Immerse yourself in the world with more than 2 hours of unique music

  • Choose your look from 33 different outfits

  • Discover secrets and lore from the old world

  • Craft your own levels with the integrated editor and share them with the community

Content Warnings

This game contains content that may make people uncomfortable. Please use your own discretion.

  • Swearing (can be censored through in-game options)

  • References to drugs and alcohol

  • Cartoon violence

  • Suffering

  • Abuse

What Curators Say

21 Curators have reviewed this product. Click here to see them.

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